Foterson, Marry Us, and Dance galore. It's news and notes for 5.22

by Levi Weinhagen • May. 21

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Greetings live performance loving weirdos!


Do you know about the Body Cartography Project coming up at the Walker Art Center?

Here's how the Walker describes the performance:

"You might hesitate to meet a stranger in a dark alley—but how about a
dancer in an empty gallery? As part of their artist residency at the
Walker, Minneapolis-based choreographers Olive Bieringa and Otto
Ramstad, who work together as the BodyCartography Project, invite the
public to join in a movement-based experiment in the Friedman Gallery.

Without speaking, individual participants and performers will meet for 10 minutes to “transform the energy in the space,” as Bieringa puts it.
This research in “creating an empathetic connection between performers
and audiences” will help inform choreography for a future work."

There are performances on May 31st, June 1st, and June 2nd.

I doubt I'll have the guts to participate but I bet you do.


Another interesting opportunity in the dance world comes from John Munger and Third Rabbit Dance.

John says:

"Have you got a dance show that made it through the lottery and got into the Fringe Festival? Then this is for you. For the many-th year in a row, the July Rabbit Show will be on the topic, “Dance Shows That Got Into The Fringe.” It will happen Wed night, July 11, at Bryant Lake Bowl, at 7:00pm."

For further info and/or to indicate interest, contact:
John Munger
Third Rabbit Dance


New Work

There's a comedy show that's been running the last few weeks with final shows this Friday and Saturday called "Foterson: Man Lady Funny Time"

Foterson features Brave New Workshop comedy veterans Lauren Anderson and BNW Student Union co-director Mike Fotis. These are two the hardest working and most well-respected comic performers in the Twin Cities who have a long history of performing as an improv duo and as part of larger sketch comedy ensembles. But this is their first time with just the two of them putting together a full-length sketch comedy show.

I know their work quite well and have no doubts this show is crazy good and crazy funny. So I hope there's a boatload of folks at their 8pm shows this Friday and Saturday at the "BNW Student Union".

And if you need more convincing, take a look at this photo of their set.


Based on this set, this show is clearly either the work of comic geniuses or crazed serial killers. Who wants to miss that?


Minnesota Public Radio recently ran an article on how the Twin Cities have and have not changed for African-American artists.

Featuring interesting, in-depth, and very compelling quotes from such artistic luminaries as musician Douglas Ewart, painter Tacoumba Aiken, spoken word artist Louis Alemayehu, writer Carolyn Holbrook, storyteller Beverly Cottman and artist Seitu Jones these are insights not to be missed by any artist or arts supporter.


One last item- I just recently learned about the Twin Cities Gay Men's Chorus' new "Marry Us" campaign.

Designed to raise awareness and promote marriage equality around the idea that "love is just too precious to legislate" the campaign is a lovely combination of light-hearted and incredibly serious.

You can purchase 'Marry Us' and 'Marry Them' to show your support and check the TC Gay Men’s Chorus schedule for upcoming events.

And, for reals, go vote No to the stupid marriage amendment this November.


That's the round-up for the week. Let me know how disappointed you are in me by sending emails to

I hope you make something cool this week. Even if you don't share with anyone.