"2019 Winter One-Acts"

Presented by Hopkins Royal Productions

Hopkins High School - Little Theater

2400 Lindbergh Dr, Minnetonka, MN 55305

Adults $8 Students/Seniors $5 Hopkins Students Free with ID. Hopkins Students 8th Grade or younger must be accompanied by a parent.

Past performances

Thursday, February 7 7:00 pm
Friday, February 8 7:00 pm
Saturday, February 9 7:00 pm
Drama Comedy

Hopkins Royal Productions presents: "2019 Winter One-Acts" February 7, 8 and 9 at 7pm at Hopkins High School - Little Theater

"12 Angry Jurors" - by Reginald Rose "Between Two Friends" - by Stephen McFeely

"Paper Thin" - by Lindsey Price

"Speech!" - by Mike Fotis and Joe Bozic

"Jerry Springer is God" - by Matt Pelfrey

February 7, 8, 9 at 7pm Hopkins High School - Little Theater

(Tickets are available at the door)
Adults $8
Students/Seniors $5

Hopkins Students Free with ID.

Hopkins Students 8th Grade or younger must be accompanied by a parent.

**Some content not appropriate for young children** — at Hopkins High School.

For more information contact: [email protected]

Web-site: https://www.hopkinsschools.org/royal-productions/royal-productions-news/hopkins-royal-productions-present-winter-one-acts-february

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hhsroyalproductions/

This season's collection of One Acts will delight audiences with a variety of short plays, comedies, and dramas. Talented students will present five unique one-act productions, including our competition piece for the Minnesota State High School League's Section 6AA One Act Play Festival on January 22 and 23, 2019 at Edina High School.

Over 60 Hopkins students serve in a variety of roles - as actors, stage managers, and production crew - sharing their passion and skills in the art of theater in an up-close and intimate environment. The five plays span a variety of themes and topics, probing into what makes us human, how we relate to each other, what it means to live in a democracy, and how we react to violent events. The MSHSL competition piece adds unique challenges, because of a ten-minute set-up time restriction during which all technical aspects for the play must be completed. "The one act play is all about economy and focus." says Royal Productions director Natalie Foster. "While the number of characters in a one act vary, the protagonist's storyline dominates and their journey is the focal point. The format really encourages these students to dive deep into the craft in a relatively short period of time." "I am amazed by the range and depth of these students, and I'm proud of all that they've accomplished," says Ms. Foster. "I hope that our community will come experience it for themselves."