Saucer Con: Us & Them For a Better Future

Presented by Experimental Theater Lab & Paradox Productions

Andrew Riverside Presbyterian Church

403 SE 8th Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55414

Past performances

Friday, April 21 8:00 pm
Saturday, April 22 8:00 pm
Friday, April 28 8:00 pm
Saturday, April 29 8:00 pm
Experimental New work

Experimental Theater Lab & Paradox Productions present an evening of interplanetary conference (as allowed by the current terms of the treaty). Hosted by Dave David, intergalactic motivational speaker and podcast host, the evening will include lectures and presentations from experts in many areas of human-extraterrestrial relations, entertainment by celebrities from Earth and beyond, experiencer sessions, screenings of entries into our EBE Film Festival, a vendor exposition, and a social mixer sponsored by Darkless Space Beer.

The conference convenes at 8 pm on April 21, 22, 28, & 29.


Strobe lights are used in this show.
This conference is most appropriate for a PG 13 audience.

Conference goers will move from place to place during the conference, so please consider this when choosing what to wear and what to bring with you. This is, however, a wheelchair accessible event.

Street Parking is necessary, so please leave enough time for parking your craft and walking a few blocks. 

Attendees are free to wear a costume as you would to your favorite convention.

Performed by:
Samuel Ahern
Catherine Hansen
Shira Levenson-Mayket
Michelle Makie
Mike Mayket 
Mickaylee Shaughnessy
Allison True
Kjertina Whiting

Produced & written by:
Megan Clark
Catherine Hansen
Gwethalyn Williams

Directed by:
Megan Clark
Gwethalyn Williams

Sound Design & Engineering: Mark Ruark
Sound Operator: Jordan Olsen
Original Sound: Mark Ruark & Mark Barlow
Video by: Christopher Mogel
Lighting by: Jacob Hofer
Graphic Design & Puppet Design by: Kit Leffler
Stereoscopes and Costumes by: Andi Vargo
Prop Design by: Travis Hopkins

Megan Clark Producer, Writer, Director
Catherine Hansen Producer, Writer, Performer
Gwethalyn Williams Prodcuer, Writer, Director
Mike Mayket Performer
Allison True Performer
Mark Ruark Sound Design & Engineering, Original Sound
Jordan Olsen Sound Operator
Mark Barlow Original Sound
Christopher Mogel Videographer
Jacob Hofer Lighting Designer
Kit Leffler Graphic Design & Puppet Design
Andi Vargo Stereoscopes & Costume Designer
Travis Hopkins Prop Designer