Second Skin

Presented by Playable Artworks

The Southern Theater

1420 S Washington Ave

60 minutes

Without intermission

Past performances

Thursday, October 25 (All day)
Friday, October 26 (All day)
Saturday, October 27 (All day)
Sunday, October 28 (All day)
Monday, October 29 (All day)
Tuesday, October 30 (All day)
Wednesday, October 31 (All day)
Thursday, November 1 (All day)
Friday, November 2 (All day)
Saturday, November 3 (All day)
Sunday, November 4 (All day)
Drama Experimental New work

Erin Olson is a fourth generation medium, a person who talks to spirits. Unfortunately, her recent death has hindered her ability to work. Now she needs an assistant, a conduit to the living world. You're invited to interview for this position. Come along and try your hand at contacting the spirit realm, but know that whether or not the spirits can be put to rest is up to you. This audio-driven, site-specific adventure for a single audience member takes you around the West Bank neighborhood, and is powered by an interactive app.

Second Skin makes you the protagonist in an interactive horror adventure. Wear comfy shoes, bring your cell phone, and dress for the weather, because your journey will take you away from the safety of the Southern Theater. Ticket holders will also have access to extra pre-show materials set in the world of the play, which can offer a different perspective on the story.

You must book your ticket in advance for this experience. No tickets will be available at the door. Answers to FAQs can be found here.

Accessibility: the route of Second Skin involves ascending a flight of steps. If you need step-free or wheelchair accessible access, we have an alternate route available for performances before 4pm on Saturday, or e-mail [email protected] to make other arrangements. Other accessibility requests can be addressed to the same email.

Second Skin is intended to be experienced solo. If you have concerns about exploring the West Bank on your own, we invite you to purchase a Buddy System pass. This will admit you and a friend to the show. Note that one person will be driving the experience, and the other will be listening in, kind of like a ghost following you around. If you want to experience the show alone, select a "Solo" $20 ticket. E-mail [email protected] with questions.

​Performances take place frequently throughout the Festival. A full schedule is available here.

Erin Farste Performer
Margo Gray Writer, Director
Shalee Coleman Assistant Director
Kassha Lisinski Sound Designer