The Godfather Mario: A Video Game Parody

Presented by Minnsky Theatre and the Wicked Wenches Parody Troupe

Minnsky Theatre

1517 Central Ave NE Minneapolis, MN 55413


Call 612-930-1517
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120 minutes

With intermission

Past performances

Friday, February 14 7:30 pm
Saturday, February 15 7:30 pm
Sunday, February 16 1:30 pm
Friday, February 21 7:30 pm
Saturday, February 22 7:30 pm
Comedy Cabaret/variety

The Wicked Wenches Parody Troupe Presents: The Godfather Mario!
Join us for a game you can't refuse or else you'll be sleeping with the cheep cheeps, capisce?

The Story
Mario and his brother Luigi are two loyal "plumbers" to the Nintendeone family. Disaster strikes when their beloved Princesses Peach and Daisy are kidnapped! Now they must navigate the dangerous underground world of New Shroom City to rescue their loves before it is too late!

With the help of the seductive La'Toad and the double-crossing Birdo, they investigate Donkey Kong's monopoly on the banana trade, confront the ghostly Queen Boo, and find unlikely allies in the likes of Pac-Man and Sonic on their way to the Big Boss Battle against Bowser The King Koopa to make Mario the Godfather!
This 8 Bit Amuseical™ incorporates a variety of dance styles including Burlesque, Aerial Arts, Pole Dance, Circus Arts and More!

Cash and Credit for Ticket Purchases and Concessions (snacks & sodas & ADULT BEVERAGES!!!)! Thank you for your continuing support of Minnsky Theatre and The Wicked Wenches!

18+ as there will be adult themes