The Monster Science Ensemble: Lounge Lizzy vs. Rev…

Presented by Monster Science Productions and Lounge Lizzy

Bryant Lake Bowl Theater

810 W Lake St. MPLS 55408

$12/$10 in advance

Call 6128258949
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Past performances

Tuesday, September 10 8:00 pm
Comedy Improv

Local comedy legends-in-the-making Lounge Lizzy and Reverend Matt team up for the first time!

Lounge Lizzy, played by local improviser Erin Kennedy, is an improv music act, whose brash, hyperconfident star – a combination of Ron Burgundy and Jessica Rabbit – performs hilarious lounge songs on the spot, based on audience suggestions, in between working the crowd and basking in their adulation.

Reverend Matt – a combination of David Attenborough and Elvira, Mistress of the Dark – played by local comedian Matthew Kessen, is the star of “Reverend Matt’s Monster Science” (‘part science, part comedy, all monsters’), a multimedia series of enlightening and entertaining comedy talks on the subject of monsters. 

Teaming up, Lounge Lizzy will sing hilarious improvised songs about monsters and Rev. Matt will give a comedy lecture about sirens and succubi! When Lizzy’s charming egotism meets the Reverend’s professorial scholarship, who knows what spectacular weirdness will ensue? Come and see!

Tuesday, September 10 at 8:00pm (doors at 7:00) $12/$10 in advance