The Toxic Avenger

Presented by The Underground Theatre

The Underground Theatre

506 W. Michigan Street


Call 2187337555
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120 minutes

With intermission

Past performances

Thursday, August 2 7:30 pm
Friday, August 3 7:30 pm
Saturday, August 4 7:30 pm
Thursday, August 9 7:30 pm
Friday, August 10 7:30 pm
Saturday, August 11 7:30 pm
Thursday, August 16 7:30 pm
Friday, August 17 7:30 pm
Saturday, August 18 7:30 pm
Comedy Musical

The Toxic Avenger takes The Underground by storm! Armed with phenomenal strength, a mutant superhero is out to save New Jersey, end global warming, and woo the prettiest, blindest librarian in town.

Based on the 1984 cult classic film, this side-splitting monster of a musical comedy boasts music by David Bryan (keyboardist and founding member of Bon Jovi). You’re sure to fall in love with this “big green freak!”