21st Century Violence - Stage Combat Certification Training

Art in Arms is offering multiple weekly stage combat courses designed to give performers the tools they need to succeed when portraying contemporary violence onstage.  Focusing on the disciplines of unarmed and knife fighting, students will have the opportunity to dig deep and acquire skills so they can tell visceral stories reliably and safely.  These two disciplines, while not as flamboyant as swuashbuckling sword fights, make up the bulk of violence in modern theatrical practices and as such are essential elements of a performer's toolkit.  Central to these courses is the question "what does it take to tell violent stories to modern audiences?"  Not only will students hone their ability to physically present character-driven intent, they'll also learn how the craft of stage combat has changed along with the theatre over the years - what worked onstage a couple decades ago doesn't necessarily work anymore.

Art In Arms' Spring courses all qualify students to take part in the Skills Proficiency Test through the Society of American Fight Directors.  The SPT is a unique arts educational opportunity to get third-party feedback on your training from a recognized industry leader with multiple decades' experience in the professional field.  Those who pass their tests will receive performer's certification through the SAFD. (Testing is not compulsory to participate in the course)

Classes run Sundays, February 2-May 17, with the test adjudication on Friday, May 22.  No class on March 8 or April 12
Unarmed Section 1: 11AM-2PM
Knife: 2:30PM-5:30PM
Unarmed Section 2: 6PM-9PM

Cost: $400 for a single course, $750 if enrolled in two.
Non-refundable $50 deposit required at registration, flexible payment options available.

All classes take place at Hive Martial Arts Studio, 1085 10th Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

For more information, or to get registered, please visit https://www.artinarms.org/course-info

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