Audiobook narrator (male, mid 40s-60s)

Apologies for the length of this post!

For several years I've been producing and narrating audiobooks as Audio-Visceral and am reaching a point where I can no longer personally narrate every book I'd like to produce. So, I'm looking for a male, age mid 40s-60s audiobook narrator to read a the first novel in a proposed detective series by a fledgling Twin Cities writer. The main protagonist is a retired Boston police detective now free-lancing in New Hampshire. Think Jim Rockford of The Rockford Files, Robert B. Parker's Spenser or Bill Hodges of the Stephen King Mr. Mercedes Trilogy.

Before you jump up and down with glee, let me emphasize that audiobook narration is neither easy or immediately lucrative.  All initial projects will be produced under a royalty-share agreement which means narrators will receive a percentage (along with the author) of each audiobook sale AFTER the distributor takes their cut. This is the same arrangement used on all current Audio-Visceral projects. Royalties are paid quarterly.

Auditions and projects are open to both union and non-union performers. At this time, SAG-AFTRA does not prohibit members from participating in royalty-share partnerships.

Besides being a good voice actor, an audiobook narrator needs to:

  1. Be disciplined
  2. Be reliable (deadlines are important in this business)
  3. Be self-motivated
  4. Be painstaking and detail-oriented
  5. Have a quiet location to record
  6. Have professional level equipment (this does not necessarily mean expensive) and know how to use it
  7. Be capable of delivering audio that meet or exceeds audiobook industry standards.

A great way to determine whether you would enjoy being a narrator is to watch this short video So You Want to Be an Audiobook Narrator  giving a brief background and challenge on the realities of the craft.

If, after watching the video and, you're still interested in submitting an audition by the March 5 deadline, please do the following:

  1. Record a 3-5 minute fiction selection that you like from any genre except erotica. The selection should include first or third-person narrative description as well as a dialogue sample between and male and female characters. Mysteries and romance are the two of the most popular audiobook genres.
  2. Please do not attempt any kind of regional dialect. I am looking to hear YOUR voice.
  3. You can record the audition on your computer, tablet or even on your phone, preferably in the space you think would best serve as your recording environment. Don’t fret if you don’t have pro equipment at this point. I’m not looking to judge the quality of the recording, only to get a sense of the characteristics of your recording space, voice and technique.
  4. Export the recording to the mp3 audio format
  5. Name the mp3 file thusly: firstname_lastname_audition.mp3
  6. Upload the mp3 audition file through the Audio-Visceral WeTransfer link
  7. Email me at [email protected] and let me know you submitted an audition

All auditions are due by 11:45 pm March 5! If I think we might be able to collaborate I will be in touch. I cannot guarantee that I can reply to all submissions.

PLEASE DO NOT send me any other audio samples or your VO demo reel! 

That’s all for now. If you have questions send them to [email protected]. Please do not leave comments for me at the end of this post—I likely won’t look for them.

Thanks for your attention!

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