Audition for The Curious Savage

Announcing Auditions for The Curious Savage, our 2020 Winter Play

Eden Prairie Players will be holding auditions for The Curious Savage, written by John Patrick and directed by Lori Alsdurf.

When:  Sunday, December 15 from 10 am to 2:30 pm and Wednesday, December 18 from 6:30 pm to 9 pm. Sign up for any available half-hour time slot in the audition form.

Time:  Sign-ins begin fifteen minutes early. Please try to arrive fifteen minutes before your time slot begins. Plan to stay past your time slot; you may be asked to read scenes with others later in lieu of callbacks.

Where:  Eden Prairie Senior Center, 8950 Eden Prairie Road, Eden Prairie, on the lower level. Park in the back for easiest access. (Map)

What:  Auditioners should come with a prepared dramatic and comedic monologue of one to two minutes in length, memorization optional. Alternatively, you could tell a story of how you met your dog, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend/most embarrassing moment/favorite show and why/funniest thing you ever saw. Or you could choose from among monologues we will have available, but you should arrive early enough to prepare it before your reading.

If you cannot attend the auditions and would like to be considered, you can supply an audition video instead. A video is not needed if you can attend in person. Upload the video to your choice of service and paste a link to it in the Link to Audition Video field. Instead of scheduling an appointment, put yourself on the waiting list.

The Play:  Mrs. Savage has been left ten million dollars by her husband and wants to make the best use of it, in spite of her grown-up stepchildren’s efforts to get their hands on it. Knowing that the widow’s wealth is now in negotiable securities, and seeing they cannot get hold of the fortune, the stepchildren commit her to a sanatorium hoping to “bring her to her senses.” In the sanatorium Mrs. Savage meets various social misfits, men and women who just cannot adjust themselves to life, people who need the help Mrs. Savage can provide. In getting to know them, she realizes that she will find happiness with them and plans to spend the rest of her life as one of them. But when the doctor tells her there is no reason why she should remain, she hesitates to go out into a hard world where people seem ready to do anything for money. The self-seeking stepchildren are driven to distraction by their vain efforts to browbeat Mrs. Savage, but she preserves her equanimity and leads them on a merry chase. At last her friends conspire to get rid of her stepchildren, and through their simple belief in the justice of her cause, they enable Mrs. Savage to carry out her plans to establish a fund to help others realize their hopes and dreams. The dominant mood is high comedy, and the audience is left with a feeling that the neglected virtues of kindness and affection have not been entirely lost in a world that seems at times motivated only by greed and dishonesty.

Sign Up To Audition:  Please fill out and submit an audition form. Our audition form is an online form. You will be asked to upload a picture of yourself and a theatrical résumé if you have one. The picture can be a headshot or informal photo of just you, preferably of just head or head and upper torso, in portrait orientation. It should be a JPEG file. The résumé should be a PDF file. If you don’t have either of these files you can still submit the form. Check your calendar and be prepared to enter rehearsal conflicts.

Click here to go to audition form.

If you cannot upload either a photo or a résumé, you can bring them with you to the audition. If you do not have a résumé, please fill out the “recent theatrical experiences” section of the form.

Production Schedule

Rehearsals:  Wednesday, January 15 through Thursday, March 5
Monday through Thursday, 6:45 pm - 9:45 pm.
And Sunday, March 8, on stage.
Load-in and set build: Friday and Saturday, March 6 and 7. 3-4 hours required.
Tech/Dress Rehearsals:  Monday, March 9 through Thursday, March 12, call time 6:00 pm.
Strike: March 22, immediately after the matinee performance.


Friday, March 13, 7:00 pm
Saturday, March 14, 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm
Friday and Saturday, March 20 and 21, 7:00 pm
Sunday, March 22, 2:00 pm

PiM Arts High School
7255 Flying Cloud Dr.
Eden Prairie
The Loading Dock Theatre

Roles to be cast:

Mrs. Ethel P. Savage - Mrs. Savage is a witty, kindhearted, blue haired woman with a shifted viewpoint of humanity. The play is centered around her decision to hide the money which she has inherited from her late husband from her greedy stepchildren, to give away to those less fortunate or to fulfill others' random, yet important lifelong dreams. She dislikes her stepchildren, but learns to love the residents of The Cloisters, accepting their own realities and delusions with an open-mindedness that others on the outside do not.

Florence Williams -The elegant "mother" of The Cloisters, she believes she has a five-year-old son named John Thomas; in fact, John Thomas is a doll. During Mrs. Savage's stay at The Cloisters, Florence believes that John Thomas has the measles.

Fairy May - Fairy is a compulsive liar who is obsessed with having others love her. She is unkempt throughout the play, but believes herself to be stunningly beautiful. She is also very childlike, behaving and speaking in the tone of a six-year-old.

Jeffrey - Once a military pilot, Jeff was shot down in the war, surviving a crash that killed all his men. He now believes that he has a scar on his face, which he constantly hides from others. He plays the piano, but is too shy to do so around other people. He is also married to Miss Willie, but does not remember that he is, due to the crash.

Hannibal - Hannibal, once a statistician, was fired and replaced by an electronic calculator. He has then taken up the violin, which he wrongly believes he can play beautifully. He is a kind man with a vast array of knowledge stored in his sometimes sarcastic head.

Mrs. Paddy - Mrs. Paddy paints with the quality of Hannibal's violin playing. She paints only seascapes, although she's never seen the ocean." The other patients say that Mrs. Paddy stopped talking when her husband told her to "shut up" one day, and she hasn't spoken since. She only speaks to announce what she hates. She hates "everything in the world."

Titus - He is the eldest step-son of Mrs. Savage. He has been sent so many threatening letters that he is listed by Western Union as a "tangible asset"; Titus is the least popular senator in congress. He is sober, humorless, and direct. Titus also has a temper that tends to come out most when dealing with his mother.

Lily Belle - Lily Belle, the middle step-child, was once married to a Slovak prince, and has remarried five times since then. A celebrity heiress, she is arrogant, chic, and self-assured. She is also very selfish and is constantly putting forth the effort to make sure others are respecting her.

Samuel - The youngest step child of Ethel, Samuel has the distinction of being the judge with the most overturned decisions in the U.S. He walks in the shadows of his siblings, offering a sassy, short comment every once in a while, only to be shot down.

Dr. Emmett - The staff doctor for this wing of The Cloisters, Dr. Emmett is kind, warmhearted, and he works hard to help his patients.

Miss "Willie" Wilhelmina - Miss Willie is an administrative assistant and nurse. She is married to Jeff, but struggles to pretend not to be because he doesn't remember her. He is the reason she is working here, but she is nonetheless extremely kind and understanding towards all the residents of The Cloisters.

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