Love it or hate it, Disco changed the world.

Though often dismissed as a decadent, drug-fueled, ego-centric detour in human evolution, Disco was in many ways a revolutionary space for people to experience their bodies and selves in more joyous and connected ways after the lock-step 50's and tumultuous 60's. WE WOULD NOT EXIST WITHOUT DISCO will seek to locate the vital essence of Disco and transmute it into a narrative theatre piece with strong elements of physical movement. The core ensemble will consist of 2-3 Movers and 2-3 Actors, who will collaborate with Writers Maggie Danger Williams and Alex Burchfield, Choreographer Tera Kilbride, and Director Kip Dooley.

We are seeking collaborative, playful, and ambitious Performers who are hungry to make bold, strange, and incisive work. Actors, Dancers, Performers of all backgrounds and experience levels are welcome. 

We are seeking a Sound Designer/Composer who is adept at interpreting and adapting music from other eras (namely, Disco), and interested in collaboration with autonomy. 

Performers: to book an audition slot, please email [email protected] with headshot/resume, and availability on Saturday, 5/20 1-5 PM, and Memorial Day Weekend (Saturday/Sunday/Monday).

Sound Designers/Composers: to set up an interview, please email [email protected] with a short (250 word) description of why you are interested in and qualified for this project, along with an mp3 file of your best work. 

Additional Details: 

We will meet 2-3 times/week in June to workshop the script and devise movement and characters. The script will be finalized by July 1, and we will then rehearse 3-5 times/week through July.

The piece will premiere at the Minnesota Fringe Festival, August 3-13 2017, at the Crane Theater in NE Minneapolis.

Pay will be a share of the box office.


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