Auditions for a Tenor for Sketch Mythology

Auditions for a tenor to play the role of The Assistant in Sketch Mythology. Three performances at Dreamland Arts in St. Paul.  7:30 PM on Fri 4/27 and Sat 4/28.  2 PM on Sun 4/29. 

Pay is $500 for approximately 18 hours of rehearsal and 3 performances.

Sketch Mythology is a very small ensemble show that integrates dance and theatre with figure drawing.  Matt Jenson performs as eight characters from greek mythology with the help of two musicians performing live and The Assistant.  The Assistant:

  • Sings a heartbreaking song as Hyacinthus, Apollo's dead lover
  • Narrates the sections about Narcissus, the Minotaur, and Aphrodite
  • Puppeteers a big swan puppet who assaults Leda
  • Helps with all of Jenson's onstage costume and set changes

Some movement/dance experience is helpful. Please note that while the show includes figure drawing and nudity, the Assistant does not need to be nude.

Sketch Mythology originally premiered last November.  Everyone from the original cast is returning except the Assistant (who was cast in another show). He is available to help teach the role. Since it will only be three of us in rehearsal, we will schedule rehearsal times that work for us in March and April.  For more information about the production, please visit or

To schedule an audition time, please email a resume and headshot to [email protected]





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