Auditions for BENT by Martin Sherman

Announcing auditions for The BAND Group's first production of Season 2.0


By Martin Sherman

Directed by Adrian Lopez-Balbontin



Location: Phoenix Theater, located at 2605 Hennepin Avenue South, Minneapolis

Times: 5:30pm to 9pm Sunday, May 19, and Monday, May 20

There will be no callbacks.


Sides and audition times will be sent starting Tuesday, May 14.

To request an audition please email [email protected]

You may be asked to read on both nights of auditions and will be no longer than 30 minutes.


Please include the following in your email:

Headshot and Resume

Role/Roles you are interested in reading

Availability on May 19 and May 20



Production Run: September 5th through September 14th

Rehearsals: Rehearsals will begin the first week of August at The Phoenix Theater and be mostly on weeknights and, depending on actor availability, some weekends. Actors will only be called in to rehearse when needed. This schedule will not conflict with the Minnesota Fringe Festival.

Lighting Designer: We are also seeking a lighting designer for this production. You will have full use of the lighting plot available at Phoenix Theater. Please email [email protected]

There is a stipend for all actors and designers.

The partnering nonprofit for this production will be announced in the upcoming weeks.



Revolving around the persecution of gays in Nazi Germany, it is 1934, Berlin, and Max and his lover, Rudy, are recovering from a night of debauchery with a SA trooper. But two soldiers burst into the apartment and slit their guest’s throat, beginning a nightmare odyssey through Nazi Germany. Ranked lower on the human scale than Jews, the men, as avowed homosexuals, flee. Attempting their escape, Rudy is beaten to death as Horst, another homosexual prisoner, warns Max to deny his lover. Taken to a death camp at Dachau, Max and Horst, branded with the “pink triangle,” hope to survive with each other for comfort and courage.



MAX – (age open) homosexual "wheeler dealer" who leads a dissolute life of drink, drugs, and sporadic sex until the horrors of Nazi Germany intervene and effectively put an end to his life style; a tormented individual, tortured by the memory of his reprehensible actions, but never loses his basic humanity; not at all a coward, but rather a pragmatist
HORST – (age open) a strong man with a kind nature; a "pink triangle," incarcerated in the death camps of Dacheu because of his homosexuality; a sensitive man, strongly affected by Max's torment
RUDY – 30s, bespectacled, homosexual dancer; rather gushy, effusive, homebody type who has a great love for Max and his precious household plants; tends to become a trifle hysterical at times
GRETA - late 30s, a man dressed as a woman in a silver dress, top hat, and cane; presents an appearance that is at once elegant and bizarre; tough, practical proprietor of a gay nightclub who entertains patrons by singing in a smoky seductive voice; Nazis' rise to power sends him back to his wife and kids
UNCLE FREDDIE – late 40s to early 50s, aristocratic, well-dressed; Max's uncle, a "closet fluff"
5 GERMAN SOLDIERS – (age open) Various roles in the play.


The BAND Group would like to recognize that although this play is originally written with 11 males in mind we prefer to view these roles as “male-identifying” and/or “nonbinary.” That being stated, instead of merely saying we are “seeking” or “strongly encouraging” we think it’s right to respect the playwright’s intention, respect the story that is being shared based on real events, and to be upfront, direct, and respectful of an actor’s time.



The BAND Group is a theatre company in the Twin Cities that bands together with other nonprofits to bring exposure to their causes by producing live theatre that raises awareness surrounding their work, and by doing so giving audiences a direct link to organizations devoted to building communities that strive for a world that is

Beyond Acceptance and with absolutely No Discrimination.

-Adrian Lopez-Balbontin, Jackie O’Neil, Jex Arzayus, Kaitlyn Larsen, Kjer Whiting


Season 2.0




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