Auditions for Fringe Production – THE NEWS: A Musical

Clevername Theatre will be holding auditions for its upcoming Fringe Festival entry THE NEWS: A Musical. Auditions will take place May 22nd from 7:00 to 10:00 PM, with callbacks on May 23rd from 8:00 to 10:30 PM.

Auditions will be held at Phoenix Theater, located at 2605 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis MN.

We are looking to fill multiple roles, which vary in size and scope. Ideal candidates are both strong vocalists and actors, with a strong sense of comedic timing. Any movement background is also a plus.


About the Show

THE NEWS: A Musical is a satire of American news media, set in our nation’s capital on the eve of the 68’ Presidential Election.

The Columbia Times, a once proud and widely circulated daily newspaper, has fallen upon hard times. Plagued by awful business decisions and a criminal lack of journalistic gravitas, the paper teeters toward collapse. The Publisher looks to sell for a big pay day, but when a breaking news story threatens to kill the deal, tough decisions must be made. Will the Fourth Estate uphold its highest values when faced with great adversity? Will Truth triumph over greed? (It’s no by the way, the answer is definitely no)  


Performance Dates:

8/4/2018 - 10:00 PM

8/5/2018 - 2:30 PM

8/7/2018 - 5:30 PM

8/10/2018 - 7:00 PM

8/11/2018 - 1:00 PM


Performances will be held at Ritz Theater, 345 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

Rehearsals will begin the first week of June and will run through the months of June and July. Rehearsals are typically scheduled for weekday evenings. A final rehearsal schedule will be determined based upon the availability of the cast.

All actors will be compensated with a small stipend upon completion of the production.




The Publisher (Lead)

Female, Alto. Age 25 – 60. The proprietor of the Columbia Times. Strong willed, doesn’t suffer fools. Selfish and single-minded, driven by greed.  

The Reporter (Lead)

Female, Mezzo-Soprano. Age 18 – 35. A just hired reporter on the heels of the story of the century. Diligent, hardworking, the ideal journalist. Optimistic, naïvely so.

The Editor (Supporting)

Male, Baritone. Age 25 – 50. Runs the Newsroom for the Columbia Times. Smartass, irreverent. Only cares about what sells newspapers.

The Mogul (Supporting)

Male, Bass-Baritone. Age 30 – 60. The owner of a massive news media conglomerate. Oily, charismatic, ruthless. Akin to Charles Foster Kane.

The Paperboy (Featured)

Gender neutral, Mezzo-Soprano/Tenor. Age 18 – 35. Boy who sells newspapers. Adult actor who can play to young age.

Ensemble (Featured)

Gender neutral, all vocal parts. Includes portrayals of: Citizens, reporters, businessman, FBI agents, etc.   


Audition Details

 For your audition, we first ask that you prepare to bring the following:

  • Performance Resume (If available)
  • Picture of Self (Can be a $200 headshot or a $1 polaroid, so as long as it is an unobscured view of your face)

You will also be asked to fill out an audition form upon your arrival.

For your audition, we ask that you prepare a selection of 1 – 1 ½ minutes to sing either A Capella or with a recorded accompaniment. A Capella is preferred, as it better portrays your intonation and vocal ability. While an accompanist will not be provided, we will be able to provide a starting pitch upon request. Choose a selection that reflects your strengths as a vocalist and your range.

To schedule an audition, you must email [email protected] in order to apply for a slot. In your email, please leave your name and preferred email to contact. Upon sending your application, you will receive an email confirmation with directions on how to get to the audition space.

If you forget to apply, you can still attend the auditions but we cannot guarantee that there will be time to see you. If you would like to audition but will not be available for the 22nd, please contact us and inquire about the possibility of submitting a recorded audition.

If we would like to see you for callbacks, you will receive an email invitation late in the evening following auditions. Not being called back does not mean you are no longer being considered for roles. Callbacks will primarily consist of reading sides and singing selections from the show.


Audition Summary

When: May 22nd, 7-10 PM

Where: Phoenix Theater, 2605 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis MN

What to Bring: Resume, headshot, prepare 1-1 ½ minutes of a vocal selection

To Apply: email [email protected]


Please direct any questions, concerns, etc. to [email protected]

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