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Olurombi Theatre Company is excited for its 2017/2018 Season production!!! We are seeking a dynamic, funny and vibrant group of actors for our  first play of the season:  

Iya-Ile (The First Wife)
By Oladipo Agboluaje
Directed by Olamide A.F and Wunmi Falade

Set in 1989 Lagos, Nigeria. Political hysteria and social change are sweeping the country. Chief Adeyemi's wife Toyin is turning forty and, behind the mansion walls, the household is preparing for her birthday party. But there seem to be other distractions. Their troublesome sons, returning from college, are more interested in seduction and starting revolutions than their parents' disintegrating marriage. Meanwhile, Helen, the ambitious house girl, is waiting for her chance

Roles needed: 10 Male, 6 Female

Chief Olarewaju Adeyemi:  The proud Chief divides his time between keeping hold of his wealth and attractive younger women. He desperately seeks to be in the good books of the military rulers in other to secure contracts, but Chief is also constantly philandering.

His wife Toyin: a mighty lady filled to the brim with a sense of her own self worth, an  aggressive madam of the house who dominates the house girls, the driver, the kids with a koboko (Horsewhip), while struggling to keep the affection of her husband.

Helen: the house-girl of the house- Madam's victim, but also very ambitious and determined not to go the way of other house-girls before her. She is in the middle of a love triangle between Pakimi the driver (who's always looking for how to get rich quick) and Chief's first son, who is ready to spend as much as needed to bed Helen.

The younger son, Soji: His instincts are Marxists, who is  more interested in revolution and his hero is some revolutionary named KK Folarin 

Soji's elder brother Yinka a chip off the old block, is more interested in bedding Helen, the housegirl.

Pakimi, the driver is forever seeking new ways to make enough money that will create a new life for him and Helen. Its not a wonder he falls for one of those Wonderbanks of the Eighties.

Revered Father Archbishop Billy Robertson, who's always talking about the mighty works of "Gaaad" in his life. (This character has to portray the Nigerian prosperity preachers to a T). Almost the comedy relief in the play

Mrs Okomile wife of the military Governor who's trying to recruit Chief into bed with her swinging hips (thus living up to her name as far as chief is concerned) while at the same time trying to recruit Chief's wife into the Better Life program

Afolabi - Male 

K K Folarin -Male

Onijuju (Male or Female


Domestic Assistants - 3(M/F)

Party Guests -5

Audition date: Saturday. July 8, 2017
Address:  810 31st St W, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Rehearsals begin: July 29, 2017 (evenings/weekends)

Click the link here: Audition time slot sign up link  to sign up for a 10-minute audition slot- You will be required to enter an access code: 1017. You can sign up to audition for mutlitple roles!!

Be sure to check the boxes for which Character(s) you will be auditioning for, make sure you refer to the character list above.  

Feel free to contact us with questions!! Looking forward to seeing you!!!

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