Hello! We are seeking actors for ZELDA: THE HERO OF FRINGE at this year's Minnesota Fringe Festival. 


This is a large venue production that will be performed the first two weekends of August. There will be five performances with the possibility of weeknight performances. Dates/times and venue have not yet been finalized, but we will release this information as soon as they are assigned by Fringe. 


This is a loose adaptation/parody of the classic video game THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: OCARINA OF TIME for the Nintendo 64, written and produced by Bryn Tanner and directed by James Ehlenz. We are looking for six actors to perform a variety of roles, including: 


LINK - a boy from the forest with a great destiny. (Note: This character does not speak) 

NAVI - a fairy assigned to protect Link and assist him in his quest. 

ZELDA - the wise princess of Hyrule who enlists Link's help. 

GANONDORF - a mysterious man from a tribe of desert bandits who plots against the kingdom of Hyrule. 

IMPA - Zelda's bodyguard, a pillar of strength in the kingdom. 

TINGLE - a silly man in his mid-30s who lives in the forest with Link, also serves as the narrator. 


Sign-ups available HERE.  

Actors will be expected to come prepared with a one-minute, contemporary comic monologue. 

Auditions will be held at North Hennepin Community College in Room FA119. 




All actors (except those playing Link and Navi) will play multiple roles in this production. 

Although nearly every character's gender is indicated by dialogue, we are certainly open to cross-gender casting, nor is there any racial preference for the characters (who are all fictional races anyway). 


Rehearsals will begin in late May/early June. Exact rehearsal schedule to be determined. 


Each actor will be compensated for their time with a $100 stipend. 


Please email [email protected] with any further questions. 

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