Auditions - Sam Shepard's "True West"


Auditions for Sam Shepard’s “True West”

Directed by Jack Neveaux

December 8, 600-800 pm; December 9, 930 am-1230 pm

Orono Middle School Auditorium  800 Old Crystal Bay Rd N, Long Lake, MN 55356


Casting Sam Shepard's "True West." Synopsis: Literary Austin, and nomadic con man Lee are estranged brothers from different worlds who reunite in their eccentric mom's desert California kitchen, where Austin is working out a screenplay deal. When Lee comes up with his own big idea and steals much more than just the neighbors’ TV, sibling challenges are issued, many drinks are downed, and the brothers find that they might not be such opposites after all. This dynamic, darkly funny play by the late, iconic actor-writer Sam Shepard is a tale of brotherly love and competition, Hollywood producers and stolen toasters.  All roles are unpaid.


Character Breakdown

Austin (Lead): Male, 23-35

The studious, but eager type, to play an early to mid-30s, attractive, appealing younger brother who has worked hard to escape the legacy of his alcoholic father, forged his own identity, went East to an Ivy League college and now lives in Northern California, but his initial early success as a screenwriter has stalled in the last several years. He is desperate to make a sale with this new script, questioning everything he has worked hard to achieve – e.g., professional success, his role as a husband and father - playing the Hollywood, literary game, feels stuck, his calm, arranged demeanor belies the simmering volcano within.

            Lee (Lead): Male, 28-45

This actor has just the right mix of ruggedness and criminal craziness to play mid-30s to early 40s: Austin's older brother, a drifter, con-man, jack-of-all-trades, scoffs at material and professional success and pretention even as he is deeply envious of his younger brother's accomplishments, identifies with their alcoholic father and feels he needs to save him, cunning, dangerous, charming, charismatic, funny, has reached the end of the line at the top of the play, arrives with nothing: no money, no car, no plans.

            Saul (Supporting): Male, 30-55

Need a strong character actor to play 40s-50s, a Hollywood movie producer, probably worked his way up from the bottom over the years, a surrogate father to both Austin and Lee, a player, can be affable but is a shark and has to be underneath it all.

            Mom (Supporting): Female, 45-65

Need just the right actress to play early 60s, Austin & Lee's mother, a featured role only appearing in the final scene but a heartbreaking and layered character.  Big Picasso fan.

Audition Readings

Sides containing these excerpts will be available at  or at auditions.

Memorization is not required, but preparation is expected.

Rehearsals and Performances

Rehearsals begin early-January 2017. Rehearsal will generally be held evenings but may include some weekends. The schedule will be adjusted as reasonably as possible depending on actors’ availability. The production is scheduled from March 2-4 and 9-11 at the Orono Middle School Auditorium and one other venue TBA.  Be advised, 4CT is still soliciting one or two additional venues in the western suburbs within a week before or after those dates.

Contact information

4 Community Theatre
Jack Neveaux
Web site


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