Auditions! The Riddle of the Mummy

Fearless Comedy Productions is casting for our original fall production, The Riddle of the Mummy! Directed by Lauren Haven and written by Megan Slawson.

The Mummy is dead, again, and his closest friends and enemies gather for what they hope is their long awaited pay day at his garish Egyptian themed estate. They are annoyed to find the night will be the furthest thing from simple when an annoying sphinx complicates the will reading.  Petty squabbles emerge between fish and vampires, a monster finds loves, all while a nosey reporter tries to get a story at any cost.

Auditions will be at The Phoenix Theatre (2605 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis, MN 55408) on Saturday 6/30 11am-4pm and Thursday 7/5 7pm-10pm. A comedic contemporary monologue is preferred, but sides will be read as well; in addition please prepare no more than 16 bars of any song to be sung acapella, upbeat preferred.  Please bring your resume. To sign up, use the following link: 

If these times do not work for you but you are interested in auditioning, or if you have any questions, please contact Lauren Haven at [email protected]

Performances will be at Strike Theatre on the following dates:

  • November 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, and 24

Stipend will be paid to all performers.


Character Descriptions:

Lisa Frankenstein

Dr Frankenstein is a world renowned neurosurgeon with no time for a personal life. She devotes every minute to improving her skills and leading the medical community. Hundreds of people each year turn to her when other surgeons have deemed them a lost cause and Dr. Frankenstein helps them all...if they can pay. While skilled beyond measure and devoted to her craft, Lisa does not do it for compassion, she does it for the money. Her search for money and fame has left her personal life a bit lacking, but thanks to a technique she is currently perfecting Lisa has managed to make herself a man who is easier to care for than a dog and just as smart.


A beefcake with a heart of gold. Monster is a man of few words and even fewer thoughts, but he is kind hearted and compassionate. Everything his Master is not. Monster has never experienced the world outside the penthouse owned by Dr. Frankenstein, so he is excited to meet new people and experience the world. While he is not the brightest at first blush, his empathy makes him a complex man.


The Mummy has never trusted anyone, ever. He has spent his life trying to hide all of his wealth and his secrets from his peers. Typically he would do so in very impractical ways, such as hiding it in a maze, hiring a dragon to protect etc. His latest plan involves faking his death and then having his peers try to find it. In the past he was very close to Lisa and Vlad, but some literal bad blood ruined their friendship. It has left him somewhat of a recluse, only his assistant and the sphinx to keep him company.

Vlad Dracul

You know how you have a friend who can’t leave the past behind? Vlad might have been alive for hundreds of years, but he is stuck in the 1980s. Unfortunately that is in all aspects. While never malicious or trying to be a creep, Vlad share a lot of the chauvinistic habits of alpha men from the rock world of the 80s.  He is trying to better himself, he now will suck blood from men without being weird about it.

Postal Worker

A young and peppy postal person just trying to get their job done. Takes the postal service motto to heart...a little too much. Cannot say no to anyone, even if that means hand delivering a creature’s goldfish to a Mummy’s home. Never thought if they believe in ghosts and monsters, but is willing to go with the flow

Jessica Van Helsing

A little too fixated on “monsters,” “witches,” etc. She very much thinks of herself as a social media queen.  Doesn’t know if she really believes in the supernatural, but is willing to to embrace the whole “monster hunter” thing as it gets her more clicks. Believes print media is dead and Twitter is the future  Found out about this monster gathering from the Mummy’s Assistant, her cousin. Lies to everyone that she is the Wolfman’s daughter, whom she had captured by animal control.

Mummy’s Assistant

She did not go to Brown for this. Too smart to be anyone’s assistant, but somehow ended up here. Pretty unhappy with her life, but once you start working for a Mummy it is really hard to quit. She feels she is becoming more corrupt and less of the compassionate and loving person she was. Wants to return to her passion of history and eventually start a family. Told her cousin Jessica about the meeting because she had one to many Moscow Mules at the bar and was feel rebellious!

Swing Characters (played by 1 performer)

  • Sphinx-Speaks in riddles at random times to help solve the case of the Murdered...but not really murdered...mummy

  • Wolf Man-Gets the invitation, only to be caught by animal control that Jessica calls.

  • Gillman-Cannot attend because of his need to stay near water. Gives all of his authority to his emissary, Gilly


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Posted June 11