Auditions - Two Mile Hollow


Theater Mu and Mixed Blood co-production

Two Mile Hollow by Leah Nanako Winkler

Directed by Randy Reyes


Rehearsal and performance schedule:

  • Rehearsals start on January 23rd (daytime rehearsals)
  • Opening on February 16th
  • Closing on March 4th


Equity and Non-equity paid positions.


Auditions on Monday, Oct 23rd from 6:30-10pm at Mixed Blood.

Callbacks on Sun, Oct 29th from 2-4pm at Theater Mu.


Please prepare ONE comedic monologue or dramatic monologue done in a funny way. No longer than 3 minutes, please.  


Email Katie Bradley at [email protected] to set up an appointment.  Also, please note that your time-slot will be confirmed on or shortly after October 15.


Important notes on casting from the playwright - please read:


This play is a riff on the “white people by the water” genre, which is a popular genre in theater where affluent white people tackle their problems and uncover family secrets in a big house by the water while drinking white wine. This means that The Donnelly’s are a Caucasian family. However- they are played by actors of color- particularly API actors, who as of 2016 comprise only 9% of casting decisions on and Off-Broadway. Keep in mind API can also mean mixed Asian Americans and hapas. Other non-white ethnicities can be in consideration for casting- as long as they are POC. Keep in mind that this work, in addition to being a satire- is a direct response to being sick of an over celebrated, overblown perspective, under-representation, white-washing and other ridiculous things that tend to happen in the American Theater like yellowface in The Mikado (or in the mainstream- movies like Ghost In A Shell). All of that is to say- absolutely no white actors should inhabit any of these roles!


All roles available:

  • Mary, 30’s, a plainly lovely daughter.  She is corky with a very sad, dark side inspired by deep loneliness, yet she is hopeful.
  • Blythe Donnelly, 50’s and 60’s, the Matriarch and widow to the long deceased Derek Donnelly, a great and famous actor.  She plays privilege to a manic and scary extreme.
  • Joshua Donnelly, late 30’s- early 40’s, a manic-depressive.  A hilariously broken and desperately clueless individual with too much money and no aspirations.
  • Christopher Donnelly, younger than Joshua, a rugged and handsome movie star.  He is completely consumed by how awesome he thinks he is.
  • Charlotte, 20’s, she is Christopher’s personal assistant.  Beautiful. Charming, Scrappy but can hide it.  Enchanted by the glamorous world around her but is extremely smart.


About the play:

A hilarious comedy and parody coupled with moments of disorienting sincerity, Two Mile Hollow explores the dysfunctional family with brutality, awe and compassion. When the Donnellys gather for a weekend in the country to hash out belonging from their recently sold estate, an emotional storm breaks inside while a literal storm brews outside. As this family of famous, longing-to-be-famous, and kind-of-a-mess-but-totally-Caucasian characters come together with their personal assistant, Charlotte, some really really really really really complicated and totally unique secrets are revealed (over white wine).

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