Bold Compassionate Acts Presents, Make Love in Traffic!

Make Love in Traffic!  A Twin Cities Premiere, live & local road, street, sidewalk, events show! 

Casting 1 to 3 Actresses or Non-actresses age 21 and up. All ethnicities welcome. 

The provocative title “Make Love in Traffic!” translates to… “Initiating positive, kind, fun, compassionate interactions with people in public”, or 'love' is not sex, and 'traffic' is everywhere people are in public. In essence cultivating and celebrating awareness and non-judgement in the moment with heart centered curiosity toward others, initiating loving kindness in traffic/public. Bold CAP is seeking one or a few unique individuals to Co-create, Collaborate, (devise) scripted material and present in public throughout the twin cities area for the remainder of the summer and maybe into winter. We will target events where people traffic is heavy and also pick random places where people consistently passby, ie, farmer's markets, downtown, the lakes, etc. If this doesn't suit you, another avenue of collaboration can be co-creating Make Love in Traffic! Play Work Shops. Read on for details.  

The Love car is a featured Actor in this show. It’s a smurf blue 91 Volvo painted colorfully yellow, orange, purple, pink, green, white, sky blue, gold, with hearts, kids hand prints and such and capital letters on both sides reading, MAKE LOVE IN TRAFFIC! You may have seen it. People love this car! Hundreds of photos have been taken of it. This attractive vehicle inspires smiles, laughter, conversation, kindness and  simple relief from the urban condition. 

I, the owner and painter of the car have produced a solo show at The Nugget Fringe Festival in Grass Valley California 2016 titled, “How to Make Love in Traffic!”  This show offered spontaneous improv mixed with scripted characters, including a hand puppet and 5 segments of audience participation that were powerfully successful!  I’ve also facilitated a Make Love in Traffic! drawing & Writing Circle where participants write and draw their experiences of kindness in public and everyone shares their writings and drawings.  

The book Make Love in Traffic! is in progress and not surprisingly a podcast is destined to happen…the potential for this to grow in unexpected ways is huge!  I have extensive experience in the live arts of theatre, Radio, spontaneous improvisation, innovative clowning and solo autobiographical shows. Creative Collaboration is what I’m after with this project.  (Title and content there of is copy written & domain purchased)

I’m looking for someone who is willing to be fully creative, spontaneously heart driven in public, and can commit to a minimum of 2 months of creating, presenting or Play Work Shop co-facilitating. The schedule is open generally M-F after 3 and Sat & Sun. The pay is in the form of a large bucket colorfully designed that reads Donations 4 Creations! I have made unexpectedly large amounts of money this way. The pay would be different for the Play Work Shops. Money is not the objective.  Fun, simple, in the moment, flowing love is the purpose. 

Audition: July 8th, and or call to discuss Play Work Shop leading. 

Sunday night  5PM to 7PM. (Arrangements can be made if this day and time doesn't work for you.)

Call to schedule a 10 minute slot. (707)-296-6846

Call backs July 9th, 10th by appointment. 

Collaboration begins the 11th. The schedule is based on our mutual availability. 

Location:  Andrew Riverside Presbyterian Church, (No religious affiliation to this project)  403 SE 8th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55414

Prepare to move, sing, be mute, and spontaneous. Bring your resume, photo optional. 

Tell your non acting friend if you think she would love to do this.

To schedule an audition or ask questions, call or text Damiian @ (707) 296-6846   

"Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!"



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