Brawl of America - Weekend Stage Combat Workshop

The Brawl of America is an annual two-day stage combat workshop produced by Six Elements Theatre and sanctioned by the Society of American Fight Directors.  Taking place May 27-28 at the University of Minnesota’s Rarig Center in Minneapolis, the Brawl gives students an opportunity to take classes in a variety of stage combat disciplines at all skill levels.

Theatrical violence extends far beyond the classic duels and mass battles of Shakespeare.  Contemporary theatre is rife with moments that pose a dangerous challenge to performers: slaps, chokes, falls... all of these can be severely debilitating if done incorrectly, but if they lack the necessary emotional intensity, the whole scene falls flat.  Our instructors are leading industry professionals from across the country whose mission it is to keep performers safe while performing riveting stories.

In addition to covering stage combat fundamentals, this year’s Brawl features numerous specialty classes on performing violence for film, historical swordplay, and a broad variety of other topics.  A full class schedule is available here:  

Whether you’re a performer looking to develop another marketable skill for your resume, a director who wants to learn more about portraying violence in storytelling, or a stage manager hoping to be able to better spot safety risks in the rehearsal room, the Brawl has a lot to offer you.  To get registered today, or for more information, please visit our website at


When: Saturday/Sunday, May 27-28

Where: Rarig Center, University of Minnesota West Bank Campus

Cost:     $205 - full tuition

    $180 - Discount tuition for Students, SAFD members, and entertainment union members (AEA, SAG-AFTRA, etc)

    $130 - Single-day registration


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Posted April 27