Christian Married Couples for Video Series

“For Men Only” and “For Women Only” are Best Selling books written by Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn that have helped hundreds of thousands of Christian couples improve their marriages.  

The Love & Money Project is partnering with Shaunti and Jeff to create a six-session video experience that will help couples understand the differences between how men and women navigate money. 


We are looking for Christian married couples from a variety of ethnic backgrounds between the age of 25-45 who are available during on the required times dates. 



Each couple will be compensated $1,800 total for their participation.  (this pay will be subject to income tax)

$400 upon committing to be in the project

$400 upon completion of small group filming early December

$1,000 upon filming of follow up documentary January 2018


Selection Process:

If you’re interested in being considered, send a no longer than one-minute video to [email protected] that introduces us to your family by end of day November 19th.

Finalists will be notified on November 21st and both members of the couple will be asked to fill out a short survey by November 28th.

Finalists will also be asked to do a five minute on camera interview at the offices of Love & Money Project in Minneapolis the evening of November 30th

Required times:

Evening of January 4th all the couples along with Love & Money staff will have a meet and greet dinner.

Short Documentaries about each couple will be filmed with the couple and their family in their home the weekend of December 29th.

The small group will be filmed in our Minneapolis studio January 6,7,8 from 8AM-5PM. All couples will need to attend these three dates, snacks and lunch will be provided. 

Short “follow up documentary” with each couple will be filmed with the couple and their family in their home the sometime the first two weeks of February.

Any questions please email [email protected]




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