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Maggie's Farm presents the first installment of their long-anticipated Comic Book Theater series, SNAPSHOT and BLANK, a super-powered detective story.

A Maggie's Farm original, by Todd Richardson, brought to vivid life by Flash Freeman.

Audition dates: January 24 & 25, 6:30 - 8:30, Callbacks: January 26, 6:30 - 8:30.

Maggie's Little Theater, Lenox Community Center - door #10, ​6715 Minnetonka Blvd in St. Louis Park

P​rivate Investigator, Jackson Garrett, has hit rock bottom since leaving the police force. His life takes a sudden turn when femme fatale, Cherise Duvall, appears and engages him in what appears to be a simple cyber-blackmail case, but suddenly explodes into a quest to bring to the light The Monk, a mob kingpin, unseating him as master of the urban underbelly. Not an easy task as he discovers his nemesis is guarded by personnel with special "abilities." Garrett, blessed with his own special powers, teams up with Blank, a transparent crime lab colleague. Watch as they worm their way into the Monk's domain in this crime drama presented in a film noir style, accompanied by rock artists, The Keepers.

Performances are April 14th - the 29nd
Fridays and Saturdays at 7:00, with matinees Saturdays at 2:00
​Maggie's Little Theater
Lenox Community Center - door #10
​6715 Minnetonka Blvd in St. Louis Park​

Sign-up for audition times at

Jackson Garrett – An ex-detective, currently operating his own Private Investigations business, blessed with the ability to generate a bright flash with his eyes used to temporarily debilitate his enemies.

Mona Blank – A crime lab technician, quiet, unassuming, with the ability to literally fade into the woodwork. Helplessly enamored of Garrett.

Cherise Duvall – A femme fatale working as an independent contractor for an organized crime operation, specializing in seducing and blackmailing prominent and/or rich individuals.

Horace Kirsch, AKA The Monk – Once second in charge of The Silverfish crime organization, now defected and operating his own rival crime ring. Usually silent, but when he speaks, people are compelled to obey.

Antonia Ferrell, AKA The Ferret – The Monk’s primary spokesperson and operator. She has the ability to stop time, but only for a few seconds at regular intervals.

Francis Ferrell, AKA Simpson – The Monk’s primary strong-arm protector, he has uncanny strength usually accompanied by fierce sonic waves. Married to The Ferret for fifteen years.

An additional 2 - 4 swing actors playing a variety of roles.

Please sign up in advance for audition times to ensure audition slot. Walk-ins will be seen if time allows.

Actors should come prepared with a monolog that demonstrates solid performance skill. The play draws on comic book style characters in a film noir setting. Monologs that highlight these qualities will be advantageous.

This play will be fairly physical with group stage movement/pantomime and plenty of stage combat. Please highlight on resumes any dance, stage combat, martial arts, and pantomime experience. Do not be dismayed, there are roles that do not require movement skills.

Rehearsals start in late February and will generally take place weekday evenings with occasional weekend times.

All colors, shapes, sizes welcome.

Stipend provided.

Maggie's Farm e-mail [email protected]


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