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Enticed by the possibility of hidden family secrets, Bianca de Luca seeks out the advice of a fortune teller.  Her world spirals once she is transported back to her parents wedding in 1971, where she can witness the unfolding of events for herself.  You, are invited as a guest, to slip on your favorite 70s wedding attire, and join the de Lucas as their mystery unwinds. The truth of a family so dedicated they would take a bullet for each other might make you question your own roots.  Who's your daddy? A murder mystery with a POP!

Bianca- 16-24ish

Men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes.  If you can sing, even better.  If you can play Italian... yes please!  

Auditions by appointment. Please contact director for a time to come in. No need to prepare anything, unless you are a singer: then bring in a favorite musical theater style song.  Shows are played in a party room at a restaurant with a bit of house interaction. It's tons of fun, includes booze and food.  5 shows $125 stipend

SHOW DATES: Sat. Oct 14, Th Oct 19, Sat Oct 21, Fri Oct 27, Sat Oct 28 (Nonna Rosas in Robbinsdale)

REHEARSALS: Weeknights and Weekends based on actor availability  (not every night) (6404 Bass Lake Road, Crystal)

CONTACT: Pamela Russell 612-867-2724

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