Friendly, Affordable Monologue Coaching

Friendly, affordable monologue coaching on the west side of town!

Getting prepped for UPTA, Park Square, or TCUTA? Tired of hearing yourself say “I hate monologue auditions”? It's intimidating, sure, but the monologue audition can be your friend. I can help you make the most out of your time when you're In the Room Where it Happens. $35.00/1 hour at my place in Plymouth; or, if you’re allergic to the Beagle or the cat, $40.00/1 hour and I will travel to you. Safe, supportive, and fun. Yes, even fun. #judgementfreezone

"Diana makes me believe that I too can become great, this in turn allows me to present my best self to the world; only the truly great can do this. She has such an abundance of courage, just being in same room with her, will have you believing in yourself so fast, your head will spin...and then she'll have you believing your head can spin. If you're serious about becoming an actor, or are looking to bring your skills and abilities to the next level....well, Diana will do all those things I just said." -- Brandon Rumfelt, Minneapolis-St. Paul actor

"Diana Wilde's captivating, commanding, and incredible commitment to a role is astounding to watch. Her broad depth of emotion, authenticity and fearlessness inspired me to push myself further in every scene. I love her forever." -- Kelli Grant, Minneapolis-St. Paul actor 

Kelli Grant

"Diana helped me prepare a monologue before an audition and helped me to get more comfortable with the material and the approach. I continued to utilize that monologue many more times, making it more and more my own until it was a part of me and it got me called back and cast." -- Kari Elizabeth Godfrey,  Minneapolis-St. Paul actor



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Posted January 5