Hiring and Recruiting Manager - Two Bettys Green Cleaning Service

Hiring and Recruiting Manager – Two Bettys Green Cleaning Service

We are a woman owned, mid-sized, growing, green company committed to social enterprise. We pride ourselves on paying a living wage and being a positive influence on our employees and our clients.

Our HQ is located in the lovely Longfellow neighborhood in Minneapolis, where your opinions matter and a sense of humor is always welcome.  

At Two Bettys, an elevated level of employee and client support is not just a goal, but part of our mission. We have over 1300 clients and 110 cleaners.

As servant leaders, the managers at Two Bettys serve, buoy, and assist our cleaners and employees so they can be their best. The administrative environment is cooperative and dynamic. Space is created to learn from experience while aiming at clear and specific goals. Problem solving through challenges is supported and encouraged.

If this sounds like a mission and a space you could thrive in, we would love to hear from you.

Who we are looking for:

∙      Hiring Hero/ine and Management Magician – Your interpersonal skills are fantastic. You would be adept at sleuthing out who will be the perfect fit for Two Bettys, and can problem solve just how to go about finding them! You bring fresh ideas on how we can diversify and strengthen our ranks and improve our hiring methods. You hone your interview skills. You can handle nuanced interactions with employees. You seek to go the extra mile when it comes to supporting those you manage. You see diversity as a strength and flexibility as an asset.

∙     People Magnet – You can fearlessly reach out and network with charisma, authenticity and integrity. The thought of making strong connections in the community warms your heart, and your positivity fosters long-term opportunities for recruiting.

∙      Learning Leader – You understand that you can serve those you lead and still be accountable and in charge. You are able to self motivate as well as motivate the team you are working with. As a leader you model how to problem solve but not solve everyone’s problems. You know how to adapt, evolve your skills and excel in a growing, improving environment. You are empathetic and patient.

∙      Operation Cooperation – We are a team, first and foremost. We believe in working together and having each other’s back. You value your fellow worker and will work hard to make sure we are all moving forward, helping someone in need without question. You are fueled by positive interactions and outcomes.

∙      Captain Cool and Calm –Even when the waves get big you are able to represent yourself and the business with grace and confidence. You are fueled by positive interactions and outcomes, but know when and where to draw the line. You can lead with humility and integrity and your crew knows you have their back…even in stormy weather.

∙      Stellar Skills – Your admin skills are great. You are comfortable and happy to do some of your own administrative support work, and know when to delegate and elevate.

∙    Eco, Fair and Friendly - You believe in the environment and protecting it. You believe everyone should make a living wage and that your job is more than a place you show up to in order to get paid. You believe in being a positive force within your community. You treat all with respect and compassion.

What you will be doing:

The main responsibilities of this position will be hiring and recruiting cleaners according to clearly defined goals and to be an integral, contributing part of the leadership team. You will have a team to both support, and also to support you. Hiring the cleaners we send to work in the homes of our clients is a critical and nuanced role and responsibility at Two Bettys. Leading the Cleaner Support team with attention to project management, is an integral part of meeting the company goals and mission.


  • You are confident using Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Mail and Drive, and CRM experience a plus.

  • You know people, and can sense when you have the right candidate. You have the ability to work with different personalities, understanding unique strengths and needs of employees.

  • You are organized and excited to create and recreate systems in order to maximize efficiencies and minimize redundancies. You enjoy juggling several tasks and rising to occasions.

  • You are eloquent in-person, on the phone and through email.

  • You are proactive and excited to identify and eliminate problems, knowing when to bring in fellow leadership team members and when to propose your own solutions.

  • You are not afraid to offer constructive criticism that you believe will make Two Bettys better, no matter what position you are delivering it to.

  • Interview skills a plus.

  • You are not afraid of hats. We are a mid-sized company. We often have to wear more than one…

Interested? We would like to hear from you, please submit a cover letter, resume and references with HIRING AND RECRUITING MANAGER in the subject line to: 



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