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Looking for 5-7 ACTORS/SINGERS who would like to be involved in a reading of a NEW MUSICAL titled 'YOURS,THROGNOG'. Sightreading ability a plus. The first of two readings will take place Sunday, June 11th, 3pm at Living Song Farm just outside Howard Lake, MN (about an hour west of the Twin Cities). The 2nd will take place in Minneapolis (location TBD) on Monday, August 7th. E-mail Mariénne Kreitlow (320-543-3394) at [email protected] or Kitty Karn [email protected].
Synopsis: Malena arrives at a remote lake house in hopes of finding some peace from her unfulfilling life as a hip-hop musician, but instead is forced to take on the role of caretaker to her Grandmother Doris, who suffers from Dementia. Not knowing what else to do to keep Doris occupied, Malena turns to the letters that Doris and her husband, Burt, wrote to each other during World War II. Through the letters, Malena’s eyes are opened to the real love between Burt and Doris and the firm foundation that grew in spite of the turbulent waves of War all around them. 
Lead characters: DORIS - (mixy mezzo-soprano)Played by one actress, age range early 20's - late 90's
BURT - (Bari-tenor) Mid-late 20's
MALENA - (alto with an edge for hip-hop) late 20's - early 30's
Additional actors playing a variety of roles.






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