ISO Renderings

Aisleseat Productions GBC (a new event managment company) is seeking a designer/artist to draft visual renderings of a current church, lobby, and exterior that is to be converted into a full time music and event space. 

The designer will meet with the three owners (Runnals, Lenz, Kelly) to discuss the vision / visuals of the space. The designer will create / draw renderings based on those conversations and provide digital versions of the renderings to Aisleseat for use in promotional fundraising / crowd funding / investmentments. Aisleseat will retain / own the finished product for use in any and all development work. 

A stiped of $100 will be paid for the completed renderings.
Expected meeting time to discuss visuals - 2 hrs
Expected drawing time - TBD

To be considered please email a digital portfolio website or drawing images to [email protected] by end of day Monday 8/21/2017.

NOTE: we are not interested in completed designs or sets. We are hiring an artists for their drawing and ability to convey the changes of a space based on those images.



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Aisleseat Productions GBC
Damon Runnals

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Monday, August 21
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