Lakeshore Players General Auditions Part 2

Lakeshore Players Theatre will be holding general auditions for the first half of Season 67:

Wait Until Dark (Drama) - March 6 - March 22 (Main Stage)

Pinocchio (Kids & Family) - March 27 - April 5 (Black Box)

The Producers (Musical) - April 17 - May 17 (Main Stage)


Auditions will be held Sunday, October 20 from 1:00 - 4:00pm and Monday, October 21 from 7:00 - 10:00pm


Lakeshore Players Theatre Black Box - 4941 Long Ave, White Bear Lake, MN 55110


For musicals/non-musicals - 1 song and 1 monologue totaling NO MORE than 3 minutes

For non-musicals only - 2 contrasting monologues totaling NO MORE than 3 minutes.


Submit a ONE PAGE resume and headshot to [email protected]

A link to the audition sign-up list will then be sent to you.





Susan: 20s - 30s, female, any ethnicity, blind

Mike: 30s - 40s, male, any ethnicity

Sam: 30s, male, any ethnicity

Carlino: 30s - 40s, male, any ethnicity

Roat: 30s - 40s, male, any ethnicity

Gloria:  12-14, female, any ethnicity



Actor 1: Pinocchio (Age 10-30) 

Actor 2: The Cricket (Age 15 and up) 

Actor 3: Geppetto, Book Lover, Cat (Age 40 and up)

Actor 4: Police Officer, Food Vendor, Fox, The Ringmaster (Age 15 and up)

Actor 5: The Great Magnifico, The Blue Fairy, Devino (Age 15 and up)

Looking for versatile actors with great comedic timing. This is a highly collaborative show and there will be a fair amount of movement work. Actors of all skill levels will be considered. The ages listed are only suggestions, everyone will be considered for all roles. 



Max Bialystock --- THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST

Leo Bloom

A nervous accountant. Boring and mousy, he is a hesitant optimist who longs for something more.

Ulla Inga Hansen Benson Yonsen Tallen-hallen Svaden-svanson

This character is a beautiful, sweet Swedish woman. A young and hopeful actress. Though her beauty might eclipse her talent, Ulla is passionate about life and art. Quite a clueless seductress in some ways.

 Franz Liebkind

German loyalist playwright. From his lederhosen to his pigeon, Adolph, his love for the motherland is unmistakable. This character is a mentally unstable Nazi; imposing yet tender.

Roger De Bris

New York's most famous and flamboyant stage director. Surrounds himself with deliciously beautiful clothing, people, and possessions. In a crowd, it would be impossible to miss him. He is a flamboyant and notoriously terrible director.

Carmen Ghia

Roger Debris' faithful companion/assistant. Carmen is severe in looks and passion for Roger. He may appear younger than he actually is thanks to skilled surgeons.

 Mr. Marks

This character is a short-tempered, badgering boss at an accounting firm.


This is the main benefactress of the main producer in this play.

Roger De Bris’s Team:

Shirley Markowitz




 Various Character & Chorus Roles

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