Periphery: The Student Sit-Ins of 1960 Auditions

Youth Performance Company Auditions

Periphery: The Student Sit-Ins of 1960

Date:                         Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Time:                         4:30pm, 5:30pm and 6:30pm

Location:       YPC - 3338 University Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN  55414

                        3rd floor of the “Art & Architecture Building”

Cast:               12 actors ages 13+, Multi-racial cast. Performers of color encouraged to attend.

Show Runs:   February 8 - 24, 2019

CLICK HERE to schedule an audition:

  • Preparation of a 1 - 2 minute monologue strongly preferred but sides will also be available

  • Bring Headshot and resume’ if available

  • Non stipend positions

  • Rehearsals Dec 18thand 19thand resume Jan 2nd

  • Full performance schedule available here


Written by Ed Simpson

It’s 1960 in North Carolina, and everyone knows that only white people can eat at lunch counters. But four young African-Americans change what “everybody knows” by taking the radical move of sitting at a lunch counter and asking for a cup of coffee. What happened next changed history.

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