Production Manager


The Production Manager performs a variety of production responsibilities in support of VStar shows and projects, with emphasis on show development tracking, rehearsal coordination and scheduling, meeting planning, budgeting, and communication with all other departments. The role participates in the full life cycle of selected shows or exhibitions, from pre-production work through on-site project launch. The position also facilitates the day-to-day administration of the production department. The Production Manager is especially key in keeping track of every detail of assigned projects and sharing that information with the appropriate parties both within the company and with outside creative teams. The position works closely with each assigned show’s Producer, and must also be capable of working autonomously.




Participate in planning and coordinating all phases of production, to the objective of overall department awareness and functionality.  Maintain liaison between production departments (scene shop, paint shop, electric shop, costume shop) and internal VStar departments, road shows, independent contractors, and clients and outside vendors as assigned.  Liaison to include general production and accounting communication.  Inform the Director of Production of all important matters which require immediate attention, with recommendations as appropriate.

Liaison with Producer and/or the Director of Production to provide work direction to production assistants, production personnel, office support personnel, and production department needs as required. 


Provide primary coordination for specific production-oriented projects as assigned by Producer or Director of Production, to include pre-production, travel booking, scheduling, preliminary budgets and contracts for touring shows, mini shows, theme parks, events, and outside projects.  Project accountability includes on-site production coordination, shipping, itineraries, meeting notes, account tracking, and serving as the direct liaison between the Producer and all departments.


Participate on a per-project basis in the research and creative development of new and/or re-mounted productions; which includes direct coordination with the director, choreographer, music director, writer, designers, VPS staff, C&C staff, and production team throughout concept, development, pre-rehearsal and rehearsal phases of the assigned project.


Participate in revisions and downsizing of main stage touring shows, including script changes, translations for international show configurations, flow charts, costume character availability, music restructuring, voice royalty calculations, and scenic alterations, including video.


Responsible for functioning within assigned budgets and updating of budgets for assigned projects.  Participate in and actively manage budget development, coding, job cost reports, client billings, and job code closures across the life of a project.


Create and revise contracts, licenses and agreements as necessary, including those covering independent contractors, theme parks and outside client projects.  Obtain executed copies and manage the payment cycles, billings and closure for these production documents. Manage dates and schedules for any contract renewals and related invoices.


Participate in production-related meetings as necessary.  Oversee coordination and distribution of travel and meeting arrangements, notices, meeting notes, conference calls, and summaries on request.


Oversee production scheduling and general logistics, to include pre-production meetings, conference calls, recording sessions, casting, flowcharts, facility usage, and rehearsals.


Serve as communication liaison for Director of Production relating to all facets of production and coordination with accounting, marketing, road shows, licensors, production independent contractors, and outside vendors. 


Support tours and outside projects by participating in training of Performance Directors, filling in for tour       management as needed, and setting staging and choreography (e.g. Beaches).


Manage and supervise the audition process, which includes city venue and studio selections; coordination with performance directors and operations department; preparation one-sheets, paid and free advertising; collection and distribution of audition forms, photo/résumés, videos, and compilation lists; response to written inquiries, submissions, and cold calls; and audition web-site management.


Maintain familiarity with potential hires and hiring database to facilitate replacement and new season casting.


Coordinate the preparation, transcription, dubbing, distribution, and archiving of scripts, video and audio materials for assigned projects, in consultation with the writer, music director, director, and licensors where appropriate.   Oversee preparation of final versions of scripts and original music lead sheets for copyright submission by Director of Production.


Under supervision of Director of Production, manage music clearance issues, including processing of all royalty payments for all active projects throughout tour year.


Coordinate maintenance of production archives upon completion of assigned projects.


Performs additional duties and responsibilities as required or assigned.




Ability to perform assigned work responsibilities under minimal supervision, balancing priorities in

relation to workload and time availability.


5 years in the entertainment field in coordinator or manager role                


Stage Management experience


Strong communicator and relationship builder                      


Theatre, Event and/or Exhibit experience


Expert level note taking and organization                 


Proven leadership skills


Willingness and ability to contribute to a positive, team-oriented work environment characterized by

helping others during peak workloads and short-deadline projects.


Ability to provide effective work direction as may be required.


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