Queer Directors, Technicians and Marketing Associate Needed - November One Act Festival

Gadfly Theatre Productions is taking you out of this world and into new and future ones with the latest edition of our annual geeky, queer one act festival: The Final Frontier Festival: In A World. We have a handful of scripts that are post-apocalyptic, dystopian, sci-fi, or otherwise tackling the idea of queer people creating their own worlds or building new ones. We are currently searching for:

  • Between 2 and 4  Directors.
    • No experience necessary! While you need to know roughly what a director does and how to do it, this is a great opportunity for theatre artists of all kinds to get their director's feet wet. More seasoned directors are welcome to apply too. 
    • The show you direct will come from the stack of submissions we received for this project that are both queer focused or written and fit the event's theme. You'll get to read through and select your favorite shows/the ones you'd most like to direct.
    • We do hold group auditions for this project but you are more than welcome to pull your own pool of artists into this show so long as they are willing to share their contact info with Gadfly/come to whole festival events and not just your rehearsals/etc. 
  • A Stage Manager
    • We tend to hire one SM for the whole festival. You'll only need to go to rehearsal for each show a couple of times to get tech notes and potentially help with off book dates.
    • You will need to be at the entirety of tech week and all six performances.
    • You'll also be responsible for scheduling and running production meetings. 
  • One Lighting and One Sound Designer
    • This show is being produced at a hollowed out department store so we're bringing our own makeshift lighting and sound equipment to make a show.
    • The best designers for us are willing to work with and communicate with Gadfly Artistic Directors & stage manager and the coordinators at the venue space (as well as individual directors) to give us the best one act festival possible.
    • We're super aware of the limitations of this set-up but still know that a lot can be done with it. 
  • A Marketing Associate. 
    • The marketing associate ideally has experience copywriting and with press releases as well as strong social media interest and experience. 
    • The marketing associate should be really updated and knowledgeable about queer lingo & aesthetic and know how to get non theatre-going audiences into seats for the show. 

All roles are paid a modest stipend that will be slightly less modest if our funding comes through in a few weeks. It is a set stipend once we know our budget; Gadfly is no longer doing cut of house. All roles should be filled by people who do beautiful work in collaborative setting and are fairly self-motivated. Gadfly strives to make a safe, warm environment that inspires creativity and long lasting artistic relationships. Our hiring will be consistent with our ability to create that environment.

Gadfly prioritizes working with LGBTQ+, POC and disabled artists as well as those who have been cut out of mainstream art movements due to income, lack of education, or other marginalizing factors. These artists are especially encouraged to apply. If you have a resume, please send it to [email protected]. If you're interested, please apply even if you don't have a formal resume. Resume or not, please send us an e-mail with a summary of your directing, theatre or other related experience (even if you don't have any!) and what your vested interest in doing this show is. 

Please apply NO LATER THAN June 30th so we can get interviews set up. 

E-mail is our best contact so please use that if you have any questions.


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