Rosetown Playhouse seeks production team for BRIGADOON!

Rosetown Playhouse, the north suburban area's premier community theater, is seeking to hire production staff for its 2016 summer production, BRIGADOON.  Dedicated to building community & creating theater, this will be Rosetown's 18th season or producing quality productions.   Ideal staff will be "outside the box" thinkers who are good collaborators and are also willing to work with LARGE groups of people. The average cast size for our summer show is 100-135 people.

Two characters time travel from 2017 back 200 years to a mysterious Scottish village that appears for only one day every 100 years. This is a show for families and all ages!  Cast will choose your “clan” and what they’ll be buyin’ and sellin’ in McConnachy Square.  Get ready for spirited dance music and soaring love songs, traditional Scottish folk dance, a sword dance, a chase scene, and a funeral dance!  Lots of “characters,” dancing, and singing, all done with the usual Rosetown style: a large cast of colorful talent. 

And of course… a bagpiper!


Important Dates:

Auditions will be held in early June (final determination will be based on production staff schedules) and performances at the Como Pavilion August 3-5 and 10-13.

Rehearsals will begin in June.  

APPLICATIONS ARE DUE FEBRUARY 24, 2017. Please send a resume and cover letter to Interviews with qualified candidates will be scheduled for early March 2017.


All positions are paid competitive stipends.
 Available positions include:

Musical Director



Production Manager

Assistant Stage Manager


Scenic Painter

Lighting Designer

Sound Designer

Rehearsal Pianist


Responsible for the overall musical contribution (vocal and instrumental) of the production. Assists in auditions and recruits necessary instrumentalists, including rehearsal pianist if needed. Teaches and rehearses musical numbers working with the cast, soloists and “pit.” Works with all cast members (with various levels of musical experience and ability) to help them do their best with musical numbers. Copies/arranges any instrumental or vocal parts needed. Leads the “pit” in performances. Turns in a list of pit musicians to production manager. Works collaboratively with director and production team, attends production meetings.

Responsible for creating all dancing/movement used in the production. Provides written choreography notes for large dance numbers. Teaches all dances at scheduled “dance” rehearsals on the cast rehearsal schedule. Works with all cast members (with various levels of dance experience and ability) to help them do their best in the dances. Works collaboratively with the director and music director to integrate dance numbers and large group ensemble movement into the scenes. Works collaboratively with director and production team, attends production meetings.

Responsible for artistic costuming vision of show, collaborating with the director for vision. Uses RTP costume inventory when possible, keeping record of where the costumes are stored. Works with volunteers to build costumes and alter costumes. Communicates with cast about their costume responsibilities (in written and verbal form), assists with acquiring items if needed, and checks all cast members for these items by the deadline on production calendar. Assists by assembling necessary costumes for publicity photos early in rehearsal process. Attends production meetings. Keeps record of who costumes are assigned to. Attends dress rehearsals to make adjustments and repairs/alterations as needed and is available for repair during the run. Stays within budget.
 Collects and checks in all costumes at end of run, coordinates volunteers for washing/cleaning (in collaboration with production manager), and returns all costumes to their original storage location. Turns in a list of any new costumes built for this show and leaves them on the rack to be added to the inventory.

PRODUCTION MANAGER: Coordinates production team, including calling production meetings and sending out notes after meetings. Act as liaison with ISD 623 while using the RAMS facilities.  Reserves truck/trailer for move day and strike.  Coordinates cast-initiated publicity including postering day, flyers, shout outs, t-shirts. Gathers information for program and works with program designer.  Creates volunteer sheet specific to the show, recruits volunteers, and contacts all who sign up to help get them involved and assigned. At performances, coordinate volunteers and front of house activities, including seating set-up.  Helps with general info and concerns of cast, families, and volunteers.  Creates show file at the end of the run. Attends some all-cast rehearsals and performances.  

Responsible for supporting the stage manager with their responsibilities.  Exact responsibilities will be determined jointly with stage manager.  Possibilities include assisting with cast communication, working closely with propsmaster, assisting with technical organization of the show, and managing the cast.  Attends approximately 2/3 of all rehearsals. 

Responsible for creating, finding list of props agreed upon with director. Uses RTP prop inventory when possible, borrows and then creates or rents if needed. Attends production meetings, keeps in communication about addition props or props not needed. (May work with volunteers in creating props.) Provides props by deadline. Helps SM to set up prop tables. Repairs props if needed during run. Collects props at end of run and returns them to proper storage.

: Responsible for learning music and playing it at a performance level. Plays for all scheduled music or dance rehearsals (typically 3-4 evenings per week).  Plays for the performances.

Responsible for artistic painting of set. Supervises volunteers if needed. Cleans up paint and brushes after each work session. Uses existing materials when available. Meets deadline for painting completion.

Responsible for overall artistic lighting of the show. Communicates with director and set designer on lighting needs for show. Arranges for necessary instruments and hanging, aiming, gelling, and focusing lights (within budget). Creates lighting script and works with volunteers to run board and spots.
 Attends tech rehearsals. Assists in strike and return of all lighting instruments to storage, rental, or original plot. Attends production meetings as needed.

Responsible for the sound and mic-ing needs of the production. Creates sound fx and sound script for microphones. Rents or borrows any necessary equipment not owned by RTP. Pretests all mics, recharges batteries, assists with set up and clean up plan. Returns all equipment to proper storage. Acts as or trains qualified volunteer to be board operator for show.  Present at all shows to troubleshoot and supervise board.



Jessica Gunzburger

Rosetown Playhouse

Phone: 612-309-5515


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