Seeking African American Male, (20s)

Seeking African American Male, 20s

For Well Paying acting gig

GTC Dramatic Dialogues has been touring interactive, issue-based shows to college campuses across the country for 21 years. You want to do in-your-face theater that has an impact? This is it. You want work that will challenge you and develop your acting chops? This is it. You want to have a great time and GET PAID to do it? This is it.

We are currently accepting resumes to fill out our Twin Cities companies. This is WELL PAID and challenging part-time work. Don't let the word "tour" scare you. You can do this and still do other projects as well. Interested actors must be available for extensive touring between August 15th and September 7th, with scattered dates through the rest of the year. Rehearsals will take place beginning in late May or early June.

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