Stage Combat Course January-March

Come learn the intricacies of performing violence with a knife on stage and screen.

Knife fighting onstage is an intense, visceral experience for both the performers and the audience. This class will center on developing the fundamental martial principles of knife fighting while emphasizing the reality of having to use this tool as a specific character to tell a story.

Knife, while not necessarily as flashy as some of the sword disciplines, is a great tool for an actor. Modern contemporary violence in film and onstage has tons of knife work, from gritty Tracy Letts plays to the Bourne series and even the Avengers. On top of that, many, many theatres are more likely to opt for a modern setting and knifes instead of swords for many classic plays because of budgetary constraints. Last but not least, training in Knife helps heighten your awareness of your own body when it comes to specificity of selling reactions and the danger of the weapon.

The skills learned in this course can be applied across all forms of theatrical violence. In addition, the focus on being present in the moment with your scene partners is something that we constantly strive for as performers, regardless of the content of the performance.

Students will have the option to test for certification with the Society of American Fight Directors at the course conclusion.  This is a great opportunity to get feedback from an industry-leading Broadway fight director on your work.

When: Sunday nights, January 22 - March 12. 6-10pm
Cost: $300

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