Stage Combat Workshop and Intimacy for the Stage

Six Elements Theatre is bringing TWO rare training opportunities to Minneapolis this Memorial Day Weekend.

First, on Saturday and Sunday May 26/27, The Brawl of America Stage combat workshop returns for its 5th year.  Have you ever wondered what goes into staging the climactic fight scenes from classics like Hamlet or Macbeth?   Do you feel confident whenever asked to shove, choke, or slap your scene partner when it comes to that part of the script?  Sanctioned by the Society of American Fight Directors as upholding the national standard of stage combat practices, the Brawl features two full days classes and seminars covering a wide variety of topics within the craft of theatrical violence.  These classes are taught by instructors from across the country with international renown, and options are available at all skill levels whether you've never so much as thrown a punch onstage or you've been choreographing for more than a decade, and anyone in between.  Come learn how to engage the audience during these moments of heightened stakes while keeping everyone safe to do tomorrow's matinee.

When: Saturday/Sunday, May 26/27  8AM - 7PM
Where: University of Minnesota Rarig Center
Cost: Full tuition: $220
         Discount Tuition (SAFD members, Students) $195
         Single Day Registration: $145

For more information, class schedule, and to get registered today, please check out

Second, on Memorial Day Monday, Six Elements is honored to host the industry pioneers at Intimacy Directors International for the first workshop of its kind in Minnesota.  IDI co-founder Siobhan Richardson will be leading two classes during the day that focus on the proper techniques and methodologies to stage moments of intimacy.  When onstage intimacy is improperly handled, the results can range from simple (awkward choreography, no character chemistry) to devastating (ruined relationships, sexual abuse).  Intimacy Directors International is dedicated to establishing new standards and protocols for the way the theatrical world appraoches intimate moments in performance.  

From 10AM-1PM, Siobhan will be leading a seminar focused towards directors, choreographers, and stage managers.  This class will focus on the best practices for including intimacy in a production, including guidelines for rehearsal organization as well as methods for producing consent-directed choreography.

From 2PM-5PM, Siobhan will be leading a class for performers, giving them an opportunity to experience proper Intimacy direction guidelines firsthand.  Attendees will learn about the best ways to interact with fellow performers, directors and crew to maximize everyone's safety and the scene's dramatic impact.

When: Monday, May 28
Cost: $75 per class
         $50 per class for attendees of the Brawl of America stage combat workshop

For more information on this workshop, please visit
For more information on Intimacy Directors International, and the work they're contributing to the world of theatre, please visit

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Posted May 7