SteppingStone Theatre is seeking a part-time Technical Director!

SteppingStone Theatre is seeking a part-time Technical Director, for our upcoming season. There will be a period of training and orientation in Late July/early August.

The following are the basic requirements for the Technical Director. Duties include but are not limited to:
1. Design Phase
Read the script. Prepare budget and planning materials as needed to adhere to the season timeline. Attend design meetings if requested, and attend all production meetings. Be available to assist artistic team. 

2. Budget Phase

Develop list of production requirements. Develop materials and labor estimates. Address construction procedures, and safety and health concerns. Develop preliminary scene and paint schedules. 

3. Pre-Construction Phase
Order materials. Produce construction drawings as needed. Develop build (including paint) schedule. Develop the load-in schedule. Communicate budget and schedule to Director, Artistic Director, and Production Manager.

4. Construction Phase
Produce and communicate technical drawings and schedules as needed to production team or (if applicable) overhire technicians. Lead or complete all construction, painting, rigging activities (overseeing over hire technicians or volunteers as needed). Address developments during rehearsal process. Attend all production meetings. In cooperation with Stage Manager and Production Manager, set call times for running crews.

5. Load-In Phase
Supervise load-in procedures. Update Stage Manager, Director, and Scenic Designer of progress on a daily basis. Develop training procedures for student running crews.

6. Technical Rehearsal Phase
Attend designer runs, technical and dress rehearsals. Communicate adjustments due to rehearsal process to Production Manager. Supervise and assist running crew as procedures are developed and refined. Monitor rehearsals to ensure safe operating procedures and conditions.

7. Performance Phase
Monitor and respond to Performance Reports. Inspect all technical production elements as needed. Develop Strike Plan. Communicate daily notes, strike call time,
and strike requirements to production staff.

8. Strike
Supervise strike to ensure orderly and safe tear down, demolition, and/or storage of scenic, lighting, sound, and property elements. Coordinate and operate strike in tandem with the Production Manager.

The position will have mostly flexible hours, with a required amount of total work hours per production. SteppingStone Theatre will have five shows next season, and the Technical Director would be expected to build and strike each set. There would be an option for overhire assistance. We would also offer an hourly rate to work rentals, which would be separate income and separate timeframes from this position. 

If you have questions, please email the Production Manager, Rachel Ostroot. No calls, please!

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Posted July 2