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Theatre 55’s production of HAIR: Performed by those who lived it!

Looking for actors/singers aged 55+     Stipend for principal actors

Who are we?

Our mission: Theatre 55’s mission is to develop life-long learning through theatre performance and education.

Our vision: Theatre 55’s vision is to enrich the creative lives of elders as artists, audiences, and lifelong learners. We improve the health and well being of seniors through theatre performance and education. Our goal is to enhance relationships by finding commonality and by challenging stereotypes.

Musical audition info
When: November 5 – 7, 2018 from 5:30 to 8 p.m.

Where: Wonderlust Productions space (room 253)

550 Vandalia Street, St. Paul, MN 55114


Callbacks: November 8, 2018

What to prepare for auditions: Come prepared to sing! Bring your own music (if you can). Otherwise, music will be provided. No need to prepare a monologue. You’ll read from the script. Come ready for movement.

Important dates for the production

Rehearsals: Starting on November 26, 2018. Rehearsals are Monday through Thursday from 5:30 to 8 p.m. at Wonderlust Productions (where you audition). Don’t worry, you’ll get time off for the holidays!


Tech: January 28 through January 30, 2019. 


Run: January 31 through February 10, 2019. There will 10 performances total and the show will be performed at Mixed Blood Theatre in Minneapolis. Specific performance times TBD.


Who’s involved?
Director: Richard Hitchler
Choreographer: Sandy Agustin
Musical Director: Stephen Houtz



Let’s learn about the cast

Sheila Franklin (principal): Sheila is a wild and dynamic activist and early feminist leader in the Tribe. Her passion lies in involvement in school (be it the causes or the people). Sheila is in love with Berger, who does not return her feelings. Although she is fierce in her views about politics and societal issues, she is easily manipulated by her attraction for Berger.

George Berger (principal): George is bright, funny, loud, wild and playful. But, he is one of the most conflicted members of the tribe. Charismatic and entertaining, he loves to make people laugh. He is a good friend of Claude's and a free spirit. Berger is a bit of a showman, corralling the others to do what he wants.

Claude Bukowski (principal): Claude is gentle – the embodiment of the flower power ethos. A harmonious, ordered, balanced character, artistic, blissed-out, kind and funny. He is born under the defiant sign of Aquarius and is concerned about the war and the state of the human condition. Tolerant and open he loves everyone in the tribe and provides them with an emotional center.

Neil “Woof” Donovan (principal): Neil is sexy, good looking, masculine but with an androgynous quality. He’s a free-loving nature freak and also a granola boy. His biggest love? Jim Morrison of “The Doors”. He is very much in his own world – the embodiment of a canine if he were to be a man.

Hud (principal): Hud has an energetic personality, jumping at the opportunity to introduce himself. He is both intellectual and street hip. He scans the New York Times and the East Village. At times, he is like a wise overseer. African-American.

Jeanie (principal): She wears long hippie dresses and is the earth mother of the group both figuratively and literally as she is pregnant. Dry sense of humor, hippie freak granola woman. Obsessed with Claude.

Dionne (principal): She is warm and compassionate. A strong presence with a present sense of justice and irony. African-American woman.

Crissy (ensemble): She is pretty, innocent and vulnerable. Loves the idea of the tribe, her new chosen family.

Father/Margaret Mead (ensemble): Character actor to play an authoritarian father AND a befuddled female tourist who stumbles upon the tribe and is fascinated by their culture. Must be comfortable in drag.


Tribe (ensemble of 15-17 actors of all ethnicities and vocal ranges): The tribe consists of a variety of people who participated in the hippie movement (or wished they did) of the 1960s. These actors represent a group of people who lived a very poor lifestyle and were keen on being part of the active counterculture.


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