Theatre Pro Rata auditions - Convent of Pleasure

Announcing auditions for Theatre Pro Rata’s production Convent of Pleasure, by Heather Meyer, adapted from the play written by the thrice noble, illustrious, and excellent princess, the duchess of Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish. Directed by Nicole Marie Wilder.


Audition Dates:

Preliminary Auditions – Saturday, Feb 29, 12-5 pm

Callbacks – Saturday Mar 7, 12-5 pm

Audition Location:
The Crane Theater

2303 Kennedy St. NE #120

Minneapolis, MN 55413


Please prepare a 60-90 second contemporary monologue and bring a headshot/resume. Theatre Pro Rata uses Green Casting. We will accept any headshot from you, but if you need to print a headshot for us, please do so on plain printer paper rather than non-recyclable photostock. 


Click here to schedule an audition slot.

We will email you within 24 hours with an audition appointment.

Questions can be directed to [email protected].



About Convent of Pleasure:

A wealthy heiress rejects society’s pressure to take a husband by building a cloistered utopia for unmarried women. She and the women vow to live new lives according to the heiress’s own “principles of pleasure.” Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, didn’t have enough money to try. A new adaptation of the 1668 play written by “Mad Madge” aka Margaret Cavendish, the Duchess of Newcastle.

Performance Dates:

Saturday, June 6-Sunday June 21, 2020, 9 performances

Performing at the Crane Theatre

2303 Kennedy St. NE #120

Minneapolis, MN 55413


Rehearsal Dates:

May 4-June 5, 2019. Nights and weekends, 6 days a week

6 W or non-binary


$500 stipend paid


Character Descriptions:

Lady Happy: Wealthy, unmarried woman. She lives life by her own rules and expects others to follow them as well. Lively, vivacious, extroverted, witty if unlearned in administrative duties. Should read as age 30-40. Female identifying.

Madam Mediator: Head of household, mistress of money and abbess of accounts for Lady Happy. She’s long suffering and meticulous in small details and often overlooks large infractions. Should read as age 40-60. Female identifying.

Princess Principle: An unmarried woman who is a princess in name rather than rank. She dedicates herself to full commitment in everything she does and disapproves of those who take path of least resistance. Everyone in town knows she has a crush on Lady Happy, but Princess Principle doesn’t know that they know. Should read as age 30-40. Female identifying.

Lord Somewhat/Lady Amend: Played by the same actor. 

Lord Soso/Lady Amuse: Played by the same actor

Lord Sortof/Lady Amorous: Played by the same actor.

The Lords/Ladies will be cast as an ensemble. Ages 20-40. Female or non-binary identifying actors are encouraged to audition. Please note that members of this ensemble will need to be comfortable playing characters who use male and female pronouns. Of course actor pronouns will always be respected throughout the process.


The play takes place in a time and place in the past that also never existed, making it a retroactive speculative fiction piece.

There are no rules on what can or cannot exist in this space. It's a frothy, fluid, fast-paced world.



The script is available here. Please note: for actor perusal only.


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