TURN OF THE SCREW audiodrama (Mrs. Grose)

Casting the role of Mrs  Grose in an audiodrama production of Jeffrey Hatcher's adaptation of A Turn of the Screw, by Henry James.  

I am interested in hearing a credible, non-RP British accent to contrast with The Governess. Please record the text below as a monologue and upload an mp3 file to https://audio-visceral.wetransfer.com/ . Please label the mp3 file in the following format: firstname.lastname.TOTS.mp3. It’s fine to do this on your phone as long as your voice is clear and the recording is as free of extraneous noise as you can muster. That said, the better the recording the better I can evaluate your performance. Please do not add any music, FX or vocal processing to your audition, I just wanna hear you.

All auditions are due by 8:00pm Sunday, January 19, 2020.

This project will be produced under a SAG-AFTRA per-finished-hour audiobook agreement, though it is not necessary for you to be a SAG-AFTRA member to participate.

 Production dates TBD.  

Commitment will consist of 12 hours rehearsal over 2 days, 1 studio session recording day and 1 optional studio pickup recording day. 

The Governess’s key confidante throughout the play, Mrs. Grose is a longtime servant at Bly. Older than The Governess, she is working class, largely uneducated, has known the children much longer than The Governess and is fiercely protective of them. Mrs. Grose respects The Governess and listens willingly to her claims of seeing ghosts and her concerns about Bly.

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