Twin Cities cabaret series Musical Mondays @ LUSH seeks Musical Theatre talent!

MUSICAL MONDAYS is a monthly cabaret series featuring musical theatre performers in the Twin Cities, hosted on the first Monday of every month in Minneapolis and sponsored by The Catalysts.

Founded in November 2012 by Sheena Janson Kelley and Max Wojtanowicz, Musical Mondays aims to provide performance opportunities for local artists as well as a fun and casual "industry night" networking experience for the Twin Cities theater community. Each Musical Monday is comprised of a roughly 90-minute set of musical theatre and cabaret songs based on a theme and compiled by the musicians and the curators. To date, over 300 people have performed on the Musical Mondays stage! The series is currently hosted by LUSH in northeast Minneapolis.

We are looking for artists/singers who are passionate (or deeply interested in) musical theatre to participate in upcoming Musical Mondays events at LUSH. 

If interested, please sign up for a casual introductory five-minute 'audition' with us at LUSH on February 25th and meet us! **Also, if you've already sung with us, no need to audition this time- we have your info!

For a slot, please e-mail [email protected] with your name and preferred audition time (between 6-10pm). Please attach an updated resume and headshot in your e-mail.

For your audition, please prepare a full song (no longer than 3 minutes) that shows your range and stays within the musical theatre canon- contemporary, golden age, etc.  You need not be memorized, but we appreciate prepared performances. There will be an accompanist provided, so please bring music for him (no a cappella is preferred). 

If you are interested in participating as a Music Director or instrumentalist, email us and let us know! 

Musical Mondays strongly encourages artists of color to participate and believes the artists featured should reflect our vibrant TC artist community!

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