Two New Summer Classes! Monologue Audition Technique (May 21st-July 23rd) and Shakespeare Workshop (June 5 – June 29)


$350 per student.

Dates/Times: Sundays, May 21st-July 23rd (no class 6/18 or 7/16) 5:30-8:30pm 

Where:  Studio 245, 900 6th Ave SE, Minneapolis.

Limited to 8 students.

The Twin Cities Theatre Scene relies almost entirely on monologues to audition for shows, companies and local combined generals. This means actors need to secure that callback to even get hands on an actual script. Sadly, the nerves and dread most of us experience in facing the monologue audition undermine our abilities to be effective in these high stakes scenarios. This class is meant to challenge that notion and help the actor be inspired, connected and excited about their audition piece, and look forward to performing it!

During the 8 week class, a limited group of professional/professionally bound actors, will spend 5 classes discovering, workshopping, and perfecting new monologues. Using moment to moment work, and in-depth emotional preparation we will explore the essential and vital skills of a powerful, confident audition. In the remaining 3 classes we will address technical aspects of the audition process, (headshot, resume, introduction, beginning and ending, and timing when necessary), all while keeping the passionate and creative self present in the audition room. Industry guests will be invited to the final class so students will have an opportunity to apply their new skills under a realistic audition situation.

Most importantly, this class will help shift the auditioning experience from anxiety and fear, to artistic fulfillment, appreciation, and fun!

A $100 deposit will be required to hold your place. The deposit is refundable if you cancel your registration two (2) weeks before the beginning of the first class. The balance is to be paid on the first day of class and is non-refundable.

Please contact Erin at [email protected] for more information.


"Erin is a joy to learn from. You get the feeling that she could teach a class to 90 year olds, 5 year olds and everything in between and she would be superb at doing so. Her experience in the craft as well as her joy of acting really shows making it impossible for you not to become excited."  – Alfreda Amah-Clarke

"Erin scared me, in a really great way. Erin knew exactly when I wasn't being myself or rather, when I was trying to "act" or when I was holding something in, she would call me out on it. It was almost as if she's known me for years."  – Nayely Becerra

"Erin was a great teacher.  She was relentlessly there for her students.  I knew I could count on her to listen and be receptive to any questions I brought to her inside or outside of class". – Kevin Fanshaw



$395 per student.

Dates/Times: June 5 – June 29, Mondays & Thursdays 6:30 – 9:30pm

Where:  Studio 245, 900 6th Ave SE, Minneapolis.

Limited to 6 students.

Never done Shakespeare?  Intimidated by the Bard?  Just want to learn more about what you’re doing when you’re doing Shakespeare? 

This 4 week/8 class course will help students learn to decipher the clues Shakespeare gives us in the text that help with character and circumstance as well as meaning. We will explore his use of meter, alliteration, repetition, you/thou, verse logic, etc as well as examining the different uses of verse and prose.   We will spend the 4 weeks exploring one play (under consideration are WINTER’S TALE, TWELFTH NIGHT, OTHELLO and ROMEO & JULIET) and the roles in it.  Students will learn how to examine the text for Shakespeare’s ”givens” and move on to working on text. 

The class is open to anyone age 18 and over with an interest and willingness to commit to the intensive demands of the class and the preparation necessary between classes. A face-to-face or phone interview is necessary before acceptance into the workshop.

If invited to participate, a $100 deposit will be required to hold your place and is refundable if you cancel your registration by the 26th.

The balance is to be paid by May 26th and is non-refundable.

To schedule an interview for the Shakespeare Workshop please email a picture and resume to Alison at [email protected]


Alison helped me get past the ‘reverential’ aspect of Shakespeare, to a place where I felt comfortable playing the text just as I would with contemporary material.  For me this was a huge gift.” – Doug Petty

“Alison is terrific at teaching this class!  She is so knowledgeable, experienced and really pays attention to each individual's needs.” – Sue Gerver

“… when faced with a Shakespeare audition in the future, I won't feel so intimidated. The exercises that she had us use in preparation for the monologue work was really helpful.”  – Corey Dinardo

“Alison is a lot of fun - her love for Shakespeare really shines through!”  – Rochelle Bayers

“Clearly knew her Shakespeare and was very engaging.”  – Peter Danbury


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