News and Notes: the very brief edition

Seriously it is mostly news.

More brevity, less wit

Exploring the paradox between simple meaningful connection and complicated isolation.

Today’s cover: Intimate Apparel, Exquisitely Stripped Down

Ten Thousand Things Weaves a Rich Tapestry of Yearning


Amy's View

Everyone has a different view. Amy’s view is that love conquers all. In 1979 Amy visits her mother, the West End actress Esme Allen, with …


Red Velvet

Edmund Kean, a titan of his generation, collapses on stage, leaving Covent Garden without their Othello. Ira Aldridge, a little-known African …


Love, Tonight

three one-acts by Sam Graber

Wedding Song directed by Maureen Bourgeois

Confessions of a Teenage Cat Killer directed …


Anxiety! The Musical

Anxiety! is a comedy musical about one woman's struggles with the ever-present social anxiety disorder. In the heart of the city, we meet …

Don't ever let them think you're not looking

And other tips to survive the new paradigm.

A bigtop finish

Down and out with Big Bertha.

The chopping block

Culture is the first thing they'll try to kill.

It's a living (sort of)

We get paid for this?

Changes and spaces

Rejuvenating the forest

Little guys, little grants

In the search for both political and funding equity, you will have many strange bedfellows.




Techs + Designers

“"Clearly, if you are a young, creative person looking for a job in a creative field in the Midwest, you should load up your car and move to Minnesota."”

— Sheila Smith

the Sharks Ordway West Side Story - review by Kory Pullam - magazine

West Side Story is beautiful; but for who?

A show that has sparked some heated discourse.

By Kory Pullam

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