It's not past yet

New allegations in the 30-year-old CTC scandal.

Virtuoso escapism artists

Relearning how to laugh for no reason can also be a valuable lesson.

Can I tip you?

A young businessman proposes a radical new idea. We want your feedback.

The Wizard that always was and shall be

Is there room for a new interpretation of The Wizard of Oz?

Today’s cover: Reviving old musicals: Rodgers and Hart

Five classics you can put on your stage tomorrow (utilizing sets from musicals you've already done).


Juliet & Juliet: Improvised Shakespeare

Improv duo Juliet & Juliet perform never-before-seen plays in the style of William Shakespeare. Beginning with a title chosen by the audience, …


Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story

1959. Buddy Holly and The Crickets are the hottest thing goin’ in rock ’n’ roll! After a meteoric rise to the top, Buddy and The Crickets …


The Jungle Book

Based on the story by Rudyard Kipling, this new adaptation of The Jungle Book follows the rambunctious and curious man cub Mowgli …


Little Women

The story of the March family and the four daughters – pretty Meg, fiery Jo, shy Beth, and romantic Amy – has enthralled readers since …


Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune presented by Casting Spells Productions at Minneapolis Theatre Garage

Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune

Frankie (a waitress) and Johnny (a short-order cook who works in the same restaurant) are in bed after just their first encounter, after having …


SCIENTIFIC METHOD by Jenny Connell Davis

Join the Playwrights' Center for a free staged reading, part of the 2015-16 Ruth Easton New Play Series.

Scientific Method by …




Techs + Designers

“Ten Thousand Things teaches a gospel of what might be called radical accessibility”

— @nytimestheater

Nature Crown at the Dowling Studio of the Guthrie Theater

Steal these moments

In episode 6, our six directors discuss some of their favorite directing moments.

By  MinnesotaPlaylist

The New vs. Minnesota

A couple blog posts with theater advice about making it in New York provide unexpected insight into Minnesota.

Penumbra style

While Garrison Keillor seems like Minnesota's essential national representative, don't forget that Penumbra Theatre nurtured the equally famous August Wilson.

The Minnesota Way

Wendy Knox and Bain Boehlke. Michelle Hensley and Lou Bellamy. Do they have anything in common? Quinton Skinner tracks it down.

The dance scene

Decentralized, political, process-oriented, and anti-fashion: Does that sound like the dance you've seen around town?

Too many writers! Too much money!

How are Minnesota playwrights like weeds and kittens? Poole's #2 post considers the unique legacy of the Playwrights' Center. Plus, Craig Wright pipes in.

The missing Minnesota mythos

"We are on the cusp of a change in what Twin Cities theater is, or at least, what it is willing to do."

Minneapolis Skyline

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