The Academy is setting itself up for some stark choices.

No longer innocent

The Jungle chose a fitting time to bring back this dark and poetic show.

Scene 40: Simplicity

Visual reflection on Mu Performing Arts' production of Flower Drum Song

Mix and match

Throwback Mar 2009: Macalester Professor and actor Harry Waters Jr. cares less about what plays you pick than he does about how you choose to do them.

Greetings from our new overlord

A welcome message from Playlist's new owner Damon Runnals

Not your grandaddy’s Carmen

A condensed take on the classic opera is visceral and real.

Today’s cover: Clowns in Conservatory

Tackling an Oscar Wilde classic, Four Humors finds laughter, little more.


Anna in the Tropics

Tuesday-Saturday 7:30 p.m.
Sunday 2 & 7:30 p.m.

(Previews Feb. 8-10, …


Marie Antoinette

Marie, the young queen of France, lives in a society of extravagance and artifice. But when revolution brews, can the doomed elite help who …


Fiddler on the Roof at Open Book

A father struggles to maintain his religious and cultural traditions under the persecution of a tsar. Performed in TTT's hallmark style with …

Minnesota filmmakers, live on stage

Bill Corbett, Patrick Coyle, Ali Selim,and Rob Perez have each seen their visions come alive on the big screen.

The "Culture Wars" explained, finally

From the birth of the NEA to the battle fields in Minnesota, Patrick Scully explains the "Culture Wars" coherently, vividly, and quickly.

Small theaters everywhere

By the mid-90s, the Twin Cities suddenly appeared to be crawling with scrappy, spunky, young, and tiny independent new theaters. Carolyn Pool dove right in.


Mixed Blood, Penumbra, August Wilson, New York, the Guthrie, Pillsbury House; Faye Price is on quite a journey.

Lights, character, action

Lighting designer Marcus Dillard steps out from behind the scenes to share his recollections. "The technology is changing everything constantly."


The prolific, ubiquitous, droll, jocular, successful and local playwright Jeffrey Hatcher sits for a video interview on the state of playwrighting.




Techs + Designers

“"Plays began as political. Greek plays were about communities & cities & kings & queens & how a country was run."”

— Wallace Shawn

Collaboration song

Think you know what sound designers do? Watch this video interview to learn the real scoop from Victor Zupanc, one of the country's best.

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