Coming Together

An in depth look at the Minnesota Theater Alliance Statewide Theater Conference

Not Enough Hot Air

“Irving Berlin’s Music Box Revue 1921” struggles to keep itself inflated

Artistry’s “The Music Man” is a triumph

Ye Gods, people, just go see this show!

How do you dress for the opera?

An essay on traditions and other weird things

It's not just Harvey

We all have a responsibility

Today’s cover: The Buffoon & The Minx

Minnesota Opera offers a masterful production


Sing to Me Now by Iris Dauterman

The Greek muse of epic poetry breaks down and hires a human girl as an intern when she gets overwhelmed with her workload. In a modern mythological …


A Night of Spent Saints

Brian Jabas Smith was a champion cyclist at 14 and the frontman of two successful rock bands before succumbing to heady crystal meth and alcohol …



When the weight of the world lies shattered on the ground, and you find yourself at a loss for….. what then…? Supported by music from …


Electra at Open Book

Ever since her mother killed her father, Electra's life has gone from bad to worse.  Now, she's plotting revenge with the help of a mysterious …


Tick, Tick… Boom

Before RENT, Jonathan Larson created Tick, Tick…Boom! It’s the story of Jon, a composer who thinks he might have made the wrong career …


The Matchbox Theater

The Weir

THE WEIR is an Oliver Award winning Irish play written by Conor McPherson that deals with paranormal happenings in an old bar somewhere near …

Vaclav Havel and St. Wenceslas Statue

The job of the artist

Responses to Václav Havel's view of the artist's job.

If a play says something in Minneapolis is it really ever heard?!!!

Someone once said to me that all plays are at the very core about something, the question is whether or not that something actually matters.


Are money and art compatible? (No. No, they're not.)

The fundamentals of fear

Entertaining an audience is one thing. Scaring the crap out of them is something else entirely.

16 questions with Gary Briggle

Our new feature kicks off with esteemed actor Gary Briggle discussing his life on stage.

What did you see in that audition?

In episode four, our roundtable of directors considers auditions.

"Why do we do this?" sign is also a metaphor for auditions.




Techs + Designers

““At its best, art is a form of care for the souls who experience it.””

— P. Carl

Austene Van in The Sea and The Stars by Harrison David Rivers, part of the 2016-17 Ruth Easton New Play Series at the Playwrights’ Center. Rivers’ the bandaged place will be part of the Center’s 2017-18 season.

Giant Art Heart.

Playwrights’ Center’s public season lets you be part of the new play process

By Jessica Franken

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