When chestnuts turn

Context. It actually DOES matter.

The Harlem Renaissance

The Importance of Theatre Icons Issue #3

Connection Beneath The Sea & The Stars

A reading of Harrison David Rivers’ new karaoke-infused play warms a Tuesday night

Scene 42: Two Drinks

A different type of double show day.

The art of participation

Through analysis and experience, Camille LeFevre distills the essence of audience participation outside the black box into a quick study guide for audiences.

The perils and promises of social media

Sarah Rattanavong-Wash investigates whether social media really builds audiences.

Today’s cover: A Talented Crew in not-so-Bloody Business

New Macbeth adaptation moves quickly and keeps its hands clean


The Paper Dreams of Harry Chin

By Jessica Huang
Directed by Mei Ann Teo

March 18–April 9, 2017

A haunting, poetic journey of secrets, identity and …


Toy Theatre After Dark

Two weeks of puppetry and object theatre of miniature proportions. Join us for this fun showcase of emerging and established puppetry artists …



Shakespeare’s great tragedy explores the darkest corners of the human heart as the ambitious Macbeth schemes and murders his way to the …



"Dark, imaginative and well-acted."
-Pioneer Press

"This polished, highly intelligent, desperately …


The Ghost Train by Arnold Ridley

Wayward and Mission Theatre Companies are thrilled to team up to bring The Ghost Train by Arnold Ridley to the Minnesota Transportation Museum! …

Twitter for theater people

"Developing a Twitter strategy" may sound antithetical to art, but it's becoming essential for theater professionals.

Social media for theaters: Facebook

Facebook can be a terrific tool for promoting your theater, but its very popularity can work against it. Here are some tips and tricks for making Facebook work for you.

Five tax mistakes actors make

Actor, author and accounting expert Mark Bradley wants to help his fellow thespians avoid audits and maybe even get a few bucks back this tax season.

Don't break copyright law

Copyright law protects an artist's right to get paid, explains this law student. Violating it is both rude and a federal crime. Read on.

How to make your script impossible to understand

Bunny Sparber offers five suggestions for people who don't want their play to be understood.

How to be a bad director

Directors have power in the performing arts yet, let's face it, it isn't always clear what they're doing. For audience, critics, actors, and playwrights alike, Isaac Butler has made a quick guide to identifying that horrible director (and, by contrast, the good ones).




Techs + Designers

“"The art of theater is the gift that keeps on giving"”

— Harvey Fierstein

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The Harlem Renaissance

The Importance of Theatre Icons Issue #3

By Steven LaVigne

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