Does long-form get short shrift?

HUGE Theater makes a plea for improv reviews

What gives you the right?

When it comes to artistic inspiration, who has the right to tell what story?

Turn and face the strange

Playlist editor Ira Brooker drops some thanks and gets a little weepy on his way out the door.

Reviewing the reviews: What's in a space?

Theater folks love their nontraditional spaces, but are they always an asset to the art?

Cash rules everything around me... or does it?

A New York Times piece looks at a crisis point for artists. So how bad is it out there?

Today’s cover: A crowded two-way street

Criticism is different when your audience can talk back to you.


Might As Well Be Dead: A Nero Wolfe Mystery

Eleven years ago, wealthy Nebraska businessman James Herrold unjustly threw his only son, Paul, out of the family business. Now he wants Nero …


Idiot’s Delight

Winner of the 1936 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, Idiot’s Delight is a romantic commentary on greed, idealism, love, and the grim …


1776: America's Prize Winning Musical

1776:  America's Prize Winning Musical  
                  |  Music and Lyrics by Sherman Edwards 


The Good Boy and The Kid

Tilly is a kid and Tilly loves professional wrestling and today is Tilly’s 13th birthday.  After learning her Mom’s TV repair …


Richard III

For the fractious ruling elite, a deal with the devil seems a small price to pay to gain power… until the game has consequences. Richard …

The logos of various local websites

Your Guide to Minnesota's Theater Bloggers

All these people do it, like we do, for the love of theater. Check 'em out.

The State of Sound Design in the Twin Cities

Local sound designer Katherine Horowitz looks into what kind of support sound designers get.

The sound designer's view from the tech table.
Doug starring in a play at Great River.

Playlist Profile: Doug Scholz Carlson

With the hubbub of transition in the air, did you miss this significant change at Great River Shakespeare?

What is Brownbody?

The story of Black Americans during the reconstruction--presented on ice skates.

From Quiet as its Kept
Randy Reyes in rehearsal with Alan Berks and Candy Simmons

Where many roads meet

There's a lot to learn from how Randy Reyes has united the many aspects of his artistic career.

Yes, you do have a beautiful voice and. . .

Learn 10 tips for surviving in the voiceover trade.

The tools of the voice trade




Techs + Designers

“"It's just that the people listening think you're an asshole."”


Acting without pay: A one-woman debate

Is taking unpaid work a harsh fact of acting or a betrayal of the art? One actress tries to sort it out with herself.

By Billie Jo Konze

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