How did they do that?


Put on your headphones and do a deep dive into how Sandbox created one of the songs in their new show.

REVIEW: Performance soars, script crashes


Sha Cage dominates the stage in a script that tries to box her in.

REVIEW: The Mess is not a mess


Ira sets out to conquer the Improv theater review, a notoriously slippery form of criticism.

Vote, Damn You!

Seriously, you guys. Just vote already.

20 QUESTIONS: Tu Dancer


The dance and theater communities should know each other better! Here's another getting-to-know-you interview, this time with a dance company member.

REVIEW: The value in what is hard


"There is a satisfaction and intellectual pleasure that makes you want to keep thinking, arguing, and asking more questions."

REVIEW: A question of blood


A trio of Horror Festival shows bring on the blood and guts in very different fashions.

BLOG: It's Good For You

Watching theatre is good for kids, it's not so hard for liberal arts majors to get a job, and other things we desperately want to be true.

REVIEW: What is a Horror Festival?


'Doll Collection' is Ira's highlight of the Horror Festival so far, but if creepiness isn't your thing, then stay for the dance or comedy.

An open letter from Chris Kehoe to You

Audience | Vision

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