BLOG: Picking On Peter Pan

The Boy Who Never Grew Up is hot right now, and we're trying to pick our way past the uglier parts of his story.

Remembering Ken Washington

Tradition | Training | Vision

Ken Washington helped people begin lifelong journeys on the road to achieving their dreams. His passing is felt from coast to coast.

REVIEW: Boogie with the Beavers


Food, fun, music, dancing beaver, and Marx dressed like Santa Claus. If that doesn't get you into the mood for the holidays, then, well--wait, what?

BLOG: Merry Thanksmas!


It's almost Thanksgiving, which means it's Christmas, apparently.

20 QUESTIONS: Physical dance


"When I got here, I fell in love with the city. I thought everybody was an artist."

Mid-career artists and the Right Here Showcase


A combination review and consideration of the mid-career artist in the Twin Cities ecosystem. Alternate opinions welcome.

REVIEW: A bucket for a drum


An inventive group of artists gather in the Dowling Studio for an immersive experience. Is it more than a charming diversion?

BLOG: Traditions 'n' Whatnot


It's winter, which means we have many traditions we are forced to observe.

Don't break copyright law


Copyright law protects an artist's right to get paid, explains this law student. Violating it is both rude and a federal crime. Read on.

REVIEW: The crimes are greater than you think


A musical in the folk tradition of murder ballads, Sandbox's epic "Killer Inside" inspires thinking about the justice system and good and evil.


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Hennepin Avenue Nightmares

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Catherine Hansen

Catherine Hansen Co-produces, Writes, Directs Hennepin Avenue Nightmares playing at Phoenix Theatre this month.

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