REVIEW: The wrong verdict


Katherine Glover attempts to tackle an enormous, thorny, provocative topic in her newest play, but the topic wiggles out her grasp.

BLOG: LORT House Down 2: Financial Boogaloo

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Another LORT theater goes down. RIP Georgia Shakespeare.

Playlist profile: Jill Bernard

Innovation | Training | Vision

We've got a globe-trotting, Twin Cities improv and theater Ambassador in our midst. You should know her better.

REVIEW: How do you do that?


It's a play about how things work, but Ira can't figure out how it works. He only knows that it does.

REVIEW: Commonweal makes it all seem so easy

In idyllic Lanesboro, MN, 13 actors make Stoppard's 3 hour play an effortless trip through time.

BLOG: Let Me Tell You About Horror

Horror, recovery, and other things. It's a grab bag this week as we hurtle into fall.

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REVIEW: What is Gabriel?


In her 1st review for us, Sophie Kerman is engrossed in a play even though she suspects it isn't up to Walking Shadow's standards.

REVIEW: The whole crazy adventure


"It's an object lesson in how performance itself can hold us suspended even when character and plot have left the field."

BLOG: Sweet Foundation Money

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See the winners of the Knight Arts Challenge. Also, how well are we tackling the Top Ten Most Produced Plays?