REVIEW: Understanding Expressionism


Nimbus's "Ghost Sonata" tackles Expressionism with some success, and many intelligent choices. But how do you feel about Expressionism?

BLOG: The Disease

Let's explore a terrible disease through shameless scaremongering.

How did they do that?


Put on your headphones and do a deep dive into how Sandbox created one of the songs in their new show.

REVIEW: Performance soars, script crashes


Sha Cage dominates the stage in a script that tries to box her in.

REVIEW: The Mess is not a mess


Ira sets out to conquer the Improv theater review, a notoriously slippery form of criticism.

Vote, Damn You!

Seriously, you guys. Just vote already.

20 QUESTIONS: Tu Dancer


The dance and theater communities should know each other better! Here's another getting-to-know-you interview, this time with a dance company member.

REVIEW: The value in what is hard


"There is a satisfaction and intellectual pleasure that makes you want to keep thinking, arguing, and asking more questions."

REVIEW: A question of blood


A trio of Horror Festival shows bring on the blood and guts in very different fashions.

BLOG: It's Good For You

Watching theatre is good for kids, it's not so hard for liberal arts majors to get a job, and other things we desperately want to be true.


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Annelise Eckelaert

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