REVIEW: Janaki Ranpura’s 'Ububu' and other conflicts of interest


Can a working artist ever feel comfortable as a critic in his or her own discipline?

Playlist profile: Angela Timberman

"I don’t think people understand that when someone says, 'I want to be an actress, they’re not necessarily saying, 'I want to be Meryl Streep.'"

Hey, Buddy! Wanna Buy a Theater?

Innovation | Vision

An old space sells for $1, and it's probably still too expensive for you.

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The Machine wants us. Do we rage against it, run away from it or try to dismantle it from the inside?

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Is it enough for a play to be perfectly good if it doesn't connect where it counts?

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It's live performance. It's dependent on people showing up. How do we do that, exactly?

We're pretty smart and that's OK


Let's give local theater some credit for giving local audiences some credit.

Learning to love arts criticism


Does a type of arts criticism exist that would please artists, audiences, and newspaper editors at the same time?

BLOG: Is It Really Real?

Criticism | Production | Tradition

We all have a problem with figuring out "authenticity", and South Carolina still has a problem with lesbians.

Reviewing the reviews: How subjective is too subjective?


A critic owns up to his personal bias, but does he still do the production a disservice?