Homegrown Theater: Watertown's River City Theater Company

Greater Minnesota

In Watertown, Minnesota, playwrights of all ages get a chance to shine.

BLOG: The Job Interview of a Lifetime

The Artistic Director position at the Guthrie is officially up for grabs. I will answer the call.

Turn and face the strange

Playlist editor Ira Brooker drops some thanks and gets a little weepy on his way out the door.

REVIEW: 'Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson' at The New Century Theatre


The much-discussed musical comes wrapped in controversy, but its problems run even deeper - or shallower - than that.

BLOG: LORT House Down

One of the regional theater players died this week. What does it mean?

Northern Spark in the rain: a journey


The weather did its damnedest to douse this year's Spark, but a non-optimal experience isn't necessarily a bad one.

REVIEW: 'Our Country's Good' at The Guthrie


In 1988 'Our Country's Good' was hailed as "a modern classic." It's not 1988 anymore.

BLOG: It's Time to Hate the Tonys

Every reason why you should hate the Tonys and never watch them again.

Acting without pay: A one-woman debate


Is taking unpaid work a harsh fact of acting or a betrayal of the art? One actress tries to sort it out with herself.

REVIEW: 'Drunken City" - Comedy, Tragedy, and Yeah, Life’s Tough But Whatevs


Dark & Stormy employs some heavy hitters in service of a light comedy, and Dominic Orlando wonders if that's enough.