Survey Time: Welcome to 2014

It's year-end survey time! Do you have a theatrical resolution for 2014?

BLOG: Possibly Inaccurate Predictions for the Future

Posted Dec. 31

News and notes | Innovation | Production | Vision

As promised last week, here is what to expect from 2014 (as vaguely as possible).

Space is the thing


How can a change in space alter the way we watch, make and understand dance?

Sara Marsh and Bill McCallum shed light on Dark and Stormy


"There's a great sense of accomplishment in putting together an evening that works."

BLOG: 5 Things That Definitely Happened in 2013

Posted Dec. 24

News and notes |

A look back at what I found interesting since I took over News and Notes.

Humbug, Bitches


What's it like working backstage at a big holiday show? Well, it doesn't kill you, so it must make you stronger.

Reviewing the reviews


Taking a closer look at Twin Cities theater criticism, one review at a time.

Survey Time! Question 3

It's year-end survey time! How important to you is having a meaningful choice in your Twin Cities theatrical options?

BLOG: They Won't Cancel This One

Posted Dec. 17

News and notes | Audience | Social Service | Tradition

A high school production of Rent becomes a lightning rod; and it still prevails.

Survey Time! Question 2

It's year-end survey time! What is your favorite thing about performing in or working on a holiday show?