BLOG: Sometimes Things Break

Posted Nov. 19

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...but, you know, you can always look to the future.

I had fun at a play and that's OK


Sometimes a play is just a good evening's entertainment. Do we need theater to be more than that?

Breaking the 'Wicked' curse


Mark Sweeney has not seen 'Wicked,' and he'd like to know why everyone assumes he has.

BLOG: What Can Arts Do For Veterans?

Posted Nov. 11

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After a quick sidenote about money (sorry), some thoughts about theatre and Veteran's Day.

Sarah Agnew was an Indian Princess and can eat a whale


Paul de Cordova sits down with another local acting icon for an illuminating question-and-answer session.

Veterans Play Project: the good, the bad and the real

Social Service

"The result is a play that gives veterans a voice, rather than a play that talks about us."

BLOG: All of the Money

Posted Nov. 4

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I'm following the money again, even if it scares the heck out of me.

Seeing our selves in 'Displaced Hindu Gods'


Aditi Brennan Kapil’s trilogy dug into identities at Mixed Blood and Lisa Hu was there for all 4.5 hours.

Dance macabre: making movement scary


"We can't get bloody, because a sticky stage would be difficult to dance on."

BLOG: All Over the World

Posted Oct. 29

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This week, we'll trot around the world looking for good news and somehow wind up back home.