What makes a perfect puppet?


Seth Eberle expounds on the process of producing a perfect puppet for a particular puppet production.

BLOG: Feeling a Little Silly Today

Posted Feb. 11

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I try my best to maintain a positive attitude about the state of theater, with the help of the friendly Header Title.

Playlist's new columns for 2014

From dance to criticism to politics to news, get to know Playlist's new slate of regular features.

Art as political industry

Social Service

They say all art is political. what if arts organizations operated like candidates for elected office?

REVIEW: Three plays in five days


Dominic Orlando finds a thread between 'Ash Land,' 'Evita' and 'The Year I Was Born.'

BLOG: Changes

Posted Feb. 4

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A board turns over, a theatre space will morph, a playwright's words are altered.

Five tax mistakes actors make


Actor, author and accounting expert Mark Bradley wants to help his fellow thespians avoid audits and maybe even get a few bucks back this tax season.

Reviewing the reviews: What's in a rave?


The critics all like 'Fuddy Meers,' but no two like it in quite the same way.

BLOG: Tackling the Edifice Complex

Posted Jan. 28

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Does making big buildings help or hurt arts organizations?

Playlist profile: Kate Guentzel

The intense actress discusses the challenge of working with her husband, what’s keeping her awake at night and more.