February 2009

Reviewing the media


City Pages critic Quinton Skinner, Pioneer Press critic Dominic Papatola, dance critic Camille LeFevre, and Star Tribune critic Graydon Royce sat down with MinnesotaPlaylist.com. See our video interview, Feb. 16.

How can I get them to cover my show? How can I get them to cover my show in the right way? Why do they hate me? Why don’t they help us? What do these people called "the press" think they're doing anyway?


The press release

Criticism | Management

Don't give reporters reason to curse you. Make sure your press release spreads word of your show, easy and smooth.

Forgetting taboos

Criticism | Vision

A critic’s reaction inspires Dominic Orlando to contemplate Doubt, Forgetting, and a taboo greater than sex.

The follow-up

Criticism | Management

Some journalists will tell you that they haven't got time to answer their phones. Call them anyway.

How to be a critic


Clarity is not your friend; foreign-sounding words are - and other tricks of the critical trade from John Middleton.

Review this


How should a critic pick what shows to review? The Star Tribune's Graydon Royce sends us an honest question. How would you respond?

Critical interview


Four Twin Cities critics sit down for a wide-ranging interview on the tension in their role, their relationship to artists and responsibility to readers.

Batman knows all


Storyteller and blogger phillip low considers Jeffrey Hatcher's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a new twist on the original two-face story.

This is our youth

Audience | Innovation

University of Minnesota student Cristeta Boarini thinks more young people would go to theater, if more theater was like The Flickering Wall.

Using the tubes

Criticism | Management

Two rules for online media: If you build it, they won't come, and everything will take more labor than you think. Scared? Don't worry. There are options.

Corporate welfare crybaby hypocrites


Cutting arts funding is moronic fiscal policy; it can only be justified as cultural revenge killling.

Letters to the editor: February 2009

Tim Gihring of Minnesota Monthly applauds the ideas in Melodie Bahan's “Don't review this” but asks her to be less cautious as a publicist.

Shame on me


Can Pure Confidence save theater? MinnesotaPlaylist tries to convert one theater skeptic at a time, starting with local writer Brad Zellar.

Don't review this

Criticism | Vision

TBT: Melodie Bahan loves good performing arts writing so much that she begs arts journalists to make her life as a publicist more difficult.



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